Guns for Whackos? No way, Virginians Say

And…. one more set of poll questions from CNU’s Center for Public Policy. The highest priority issue facing the General Assembly, according to Democrats and Republicans alike, is “changing the law to stop people with a history of mental health problems from purchasing guns.” Three out of four respondants gave issue that a “highest priority” rating.

Number two on the list, with 68 percent rating it as a “highest priority”: “Require gun purchasers at gun shows to undergo the same background check required for guns purchased at gun shops.”

Number three, scoring 54 percent: “Cracking down on businesses that employ illegal immigrants.”

Poor Tim Kaine. The Governor’s proposal to expand funding for pre-K programs logged only 30 percent rating as a highest priority.

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(comments below)


  1. Cargosquid Avatar

    It’s a shame that those questions were so poorly written. Gun purchasers at gun shows DO have to undergo the same background checks. Except for purchases from PRIVATE citizens….

    I would love to see the answer if they had asked the question as they mean it:
    Require ALL gun purchases OR TRANSFERS to undergo the same background check as required for guns purchased at gun shops.

  2. Larry Gross Avatar
    Larry Gross

    How about rewording it to say:

    “Is it okay for someone to buy a gun to sell or give to someone else who could not pass a background check”?


  3. Anonymous Avatar


    The gun show loophole is that people set up shop in the parking lots and sell guns out of their trunks. They are currently considered unlicensed dealers and not subject to background checks.

    Whatever your gun views the fact remains: Wackos in Virginia with felonies and mental problems CAN go to gun shows and buy guns with no background checks.

    And for all those who stood before the Senate Courts of Justice Committee and testified ‘guns don’t kill people.’ What happened to the state tropper in late 2005 in southwest Virginia who approached a vehicle on the side of the road when a gun (untouched by anyone) went off a killed him.

  4. Its sad to see such a usefull bill get shot down by the Senate. The current backgorund check system is good, but it could be better. The senate blames it on lack of funds. Well, maybe we could save $1 trillion on the war and use that money on more important things than liberating forien nations.

  5. Whatever you think about the gun show loop hole bill, it’s a shame that guns-rights advocates fail to see the implications of their “right to bear arms.” I personally am disturbed to see recent victims of gun violence HARASSED and BELITTLED because of their views by reactionary members of the VCDL and NRA. Check out this video of the demonstration at the gun show loop hole vote:

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