The Gubernatorial PIG Rating

Conaway Haskins at South of the James has an interesting take on the gubernatorial race. Analyzing the three candidates based on their stances on 10 defining issues, he has compiled a Political Ideology Guide (PIG) that concludes the following:

  • Russ Potts, a Republican, is the most liberal of the three.
  • Jerry Kilgore is “solidly conservative.”
  • Tim Kaine, though leaning liberal, can be fairly described as a “centrist.”

Read more at South of the James.

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6 responses to “The Gubernatorial PIG Rating”

  1. Avatar

    Before anyone asks, that acronym was indeed deliberate.

    — Conaway

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    New poll out:

    “A new poll, conducted October 23-30 by the Center for Community Research at Roanoke College, is very good news indeed for our campaign. The poll, with a margin of error of +/-5%, shows Tim Kaine with an 8-point lead over his principal opponent, Jerry Kilgore – 14% of voters remain undecided.”

  3. GOPHokie Avatar

    So is that poll statewide or on the campus of RC? lol

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    As I understand it, it’s a public policy class/shop that does projects like this. Seems like a good-faith non-partisan outfit, though of course since they aren’t professionals they might make mistakes that would skew things. But hey, attacking things done in good-faith is apparently the strategy this year…

  5. Anonymous Avatar

    I work with Harry on regional polls and he does good work. I don’t know the methodology behind this one, but you cab be assured that it is scientifically accurate and will stand up to peer review.

    I don’t biy that Kaine is surging, but the polls that indicate this fact are beginning to make me think otherwise. Am I to think that the new tv ads with Mark Warner really making a difference?

  6. John Epps Avatar

    In the 2005 Kaine-Kilgore race, this gray-haired Virginian from Ashburn sees a real similarity with the the 1977 race between Liberal Democrat Henry Howell and Conservative Republican John Dalton. Howell was an unabashed liberal but, unlike Tim Kaine, had the courage to admit it. Like Tim Kaine, Howell supported higher taxes, encouraged the growth of labor unions in Virginia businesses, and thought that the ACLU’s views on sociology were correct. He sucessfully obtained the Democratic nomination for Governor and the conservative Democrat “Byrd Machine” that had governed our Commonwealth so well for years decided to join forces with the Republican Party. Today, Tim Kaine carries the mantle of social liberalism and activist government that Henry Howell preached and that Mark Warner tried to avoid like the plague. We old Byrd Democrats will be voting for Jerry Kilgore this time just like we voted for John Dalton in 1977.

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