From the Fever Swamps of Henrico County Comes…

Another edition of Bacon’s Rebellion. You can read the August 7, 2006, edition here.

The peasants persist in thinking for themselves, as can be seen in the following:

Growth that Pays for Itself
Greenvest’s proposed $1.3 billion development in Loudoun County would contribute $1 billion toward roads, schools and public facilities. A great deal for the public? Not everyone thinks so.
by James A. Bacon

Beach Week
Reading might be a lot safer than swimming outside of Virginia this year.
by Doug Koelemay

Soft Consumption Paths
Energy consumption in the United States is growing at an unsustainable rate — and we’re running out of time before a crash landing. We need to think seriously and comprehensively about conservation.
by EM Risse

The Croesus Trap
More money won’t fix a broken transportation system. But the combination of privatization and tolls can build a lot of roads in Virginia.
by Geoffrey Segal

Metro Monomania
Tom Davis is taking big political risks to funnel $3 billion into the Washington Metro. Why?
by Phillip Rodokanakis

Putting Taxes to Work
Let’s use the state budget surplus to set up Commonwealth Trust accounts, funds every citizen can use to offset a portion of their health care expenses.
by James Atticus Bowden

Save the Planet — Stay Home!
In an Internet-friendly state like Virginia, there is no excuse for so many people clogging the roads when they could be telecommuting.
by Joanna Hanks and Fred Williamson

Ozzie and Harriet Were Idiots!
And so were our teachers 50 years ago. The issue isn’t school funding formulae: The entire big government school culture must go! We must return to family-based schooling.
by Mike Smith

Nice & Curious Questions
Emu in Virginia: Exotic Beasts in the Old Dominion
by Edwin S. Clay III and Patricia Bangs

Commonwealth Conservative: Chad Dotson
by Conaway Haskins

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2 responses to “From the Fever Swamps of Henrico County Comes…”

  1. Scott Leake Avatar
    Scott Leake

    “The Croesus Trap” is a trap in itself. Geoff writes “A new financing paradigm is rapidly emerging, and being embraced, around the country — an ever increasing role for the private sector and private capital….Sadly, the Senate and the Governor have not yet fully embraced this new paradigm.”

    Not true.

    In fact, the Public Private Partnership Transportation Act originated in the Senate as did the Public Private Education and Infrastucture Act (Stosch, 2002)which extended the opportunity to projects other than transportation.

  2. Toomanytaxes Avatar

    The article on Tom Davis made some very good points, but I cannot keep from being puzzled as to why the press and the blogosphere continues to give the Governor a free pass on Metrorail. Mr. Kaine has said extending Metrorail to Dulles is his number one priority (even though State data show that spending billions provides no measurable traffic relief) and has received six-figure campaign contributions from Tysons Corner landowners. Could there be any connection?

    I’d never argue that merely accepting a campaign contribution alone is wrong. However, why has there been no scrutiny given the facts?

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