Finally, a Book Review!

Style Magazine

in Richmond has combined book reviews of “Notes from the Sausage Factory” by Barnie Day and Becky Dale and “Adventures in Warnerland” by Steven Sisson — lumping together two works emanating from the blogosphere. The review is short — not exactly New York Times Book Review length — but at least it’s something. To my knowledge, none of the major state newspapers has deemed either book worthy of notice.

There’s one great quote in the review that reminds me how acutely I miss Barnie’s provocations:

“If you can imagine the universe of political commentary in Virginia as the Plains of Serengeti, the columnists, the op-ed folks … are the lions who move the political herds,” Day said in an e-mail. “They pay attention to the yipping, squalling fray jackals sometimes engage in, but they don’t fear them.”

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One response to “Finally, a Book Review!”

  1. The book review is so-so, but the publicity is great for my book sales. I like the fact that a left-wing weekly didn’t like the book.

    You know… sometimes bad is good. The review should generate sales with Virginia’s conservatives.

    The “Give the Dog a Bone” tour continues with: The Washington and the NY media markets in the coming weeks.

    ATR boss Grover Norquist has told VA Club for Growth’s Peter Ferrara to issue a standing invitation to the blue dog (aka Steven Sisson) to address his Wednesday luncheon in Washington, DC. Right now, we only need to work out details on ‘when’ and ‘where’ — but it’s going to happen soon.

    The New York Post, located in the mother of media markets, might review ‘Adventures In Warnerland’ in the coming weeks.

    It’s not a bad start for self-publishing my first book.

    ~ the blue dog

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