Factoids of the Day: Virginia’s Prison Population

Red Onion maximum security facility.

If you encounter an Asian walking down a dark alleyway in Virginia, you probably don’t have anything to fear. If you bump into an Hispanic in a dark alleyway, you still don’t have much to fear. Both racial/ethnic groups are significantly less likely to wind up in Virginia prisons than other groups, according to the Virginia Department of Corrections latest demographic report about the state’s 30,000 prison population. Some highlight factoids:

  • More than three-fifths of the population is black, nearly two fifths white.
  • Asians or native Americans in Virginia prisons account for one-half percent of prison inmates. That compares to a state population of 6.5%.
  • For all the overblown fears of illegal immigrants breeding crime, only 2.1% of Virginia’s prison population is Hispanic. That compares to 8.2% of the population in the state.
  • Roughly 18% of prison inmates are “confirmed gang members.”
  • More than nine out of ten (92%) inmates are male, raising the question, does our society systematically stigmatize and discriminate against males in our society? (Don’t worry, that’s not a serious question. Just a tweeker.)


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2 responses to “Factoids of the Day: Virginia’s Prison Population”

  1. DJRippert Avatar

    How many fewer people would be in Virginia prisons if marijuana were legal?

    Colorado and Washington state just voted to legalize marijuana. The world didn’t end. People aren’t sitting at home all day getting high instead of going to work.

    Locking people up for growing, selling or possessing a plant is pretty stupid in my opinion.

  2. more than POT. A goodly number of blacks are urban kids who cannot get jobs and get drawn into drugs and they are easy busts for LE.

    the only people (in my view) who should be in prison are those who are demonstrably violent and a clear danger to others.

    It not only costs like the devil to keep them incarcerated but even when they get out – it takes more gov spending to monitor, train, support them.

    We can thank George Allen and his like-minded brethren for their neanderthal approach to further damaging people to the point that
    they (and their families) will become permanent wards of taxpayers.

    We have more people in prison as a percent of our population than any other country in the world. It’s not something we should be proud of.

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