Do you wonder why:

● The US and about half the planets population is stalled in a Jobless ‘recovery’?

● There is no sign of an end of decline in the price of dwellings and land held for speculatively Urban development?

● Most citizens do not believe The Great Recession is ‘over’ and most do not believe Bernanke when he says the ‘setbacks’ are temporary?

● The Wealth Gap has become the Wealth Gulf and grew WIDER during The Great Recession to date?

● The Great Gambling Venue for the rich – and the lottery for the rest – (aka, the stock market) is continuing to re-decline?

● There is growing hysteria among what Mr. Bacon calls ‘the political class’ to find ‘solutions’ that will put off the need to face reality?

● Among those who seek to carry Elephant Clan banner, candidate after candidate is failing to get traction and new candidate after new candidate is jumping into the fray?

EMR suspects that all these things are indicators that there is a growing feeling that following the onset of The Great Recession, NOTHING WILL BE THE SAME.

While most do not see The New Reality, a growing number can feel it.

In a new Perspective titled “ENOUGH?”, SYNERGY explores the reasons behind why NOTHING will be the same – ever again.

See the Executive Summary and Overview of ENOUGH? on the PERSPECTIVES page at www.emrisse.com

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