Election Day: VOTE

by Kerry Dougherty

No matter how busy you are, no matter what’s going on, don’t sit this one out.


Especially if you love Virginia and don’t want our commonwealth to go backwards, turning into an East-coast version of tax-mad, crime-ridden, pronoun-obsessed California.

Remember how good it felt the day after the 2021 election, when Glenn Youngkin beat Terry McAuliffe and you knew that it was Independence Day in Virginia?


Remember how you woke up the morning after that historic election and knew the vaccine mandates that cost state workers their jobs were a thing of the past? You knew that statewide mask mandates were not coming back. You knew that parents were going to be heard at their kids’ schools and school officials would no longer be allowed to hide a child’s gender confusion from their parents. You knew that schools would focus on excellence instead of kowtowing to teachers’ unions. You knew that the parole board would not be turning murderers loose.

I could go on, but if you were in Virginia in November 2021, you remember the overweening tyranny of the Northam administration and his Democrat monopoly on the state house and how good it felt to shake it all off.


If all goes well, we’ll feel that sense of exhilaration again tomorrow. Youngkin’s common-sense policies will have a chance to become law if voters manage to dismantle the Democrat’s sick brick wall of stupidity.

At last, the General Assembly will have the votes to repeal the measure that tie Virginia’s future to California’s nutty climate regulations. Parents will continue to have a say in their kids’ education. Oh, and there won’t be any drag queen story hours.

Everyone expects today’s General Assembly elections to be close. The future of Virginia may come down to a couple of close races.

The Republicans need to flip the Senate and hold the House to implement the Youngkin agenda.

The Dems want to flip the House and hold the Senate. If they’re successful, the Democrat’s one-woman wrecking ball – Louise Lucas – will be back in business, fighting efforts to back law enforcement, siding with criminals over victims and embracing the woke policies of the far left.


If you didn’t vote early, get to the polls today.

Whoa, just look at the Election Day forecast! A perfect day to stroll to your local polling place.


Then, when the polls close at 7 p.m., pour yourself a beverage, and if you’re in Hampton Roads, turn on your radio to NewsTalk 790 WNIS and we’ll take it from there!

Kerry and Mike will be on the air with minute-by-minute results until we have all of the winners and losers. In the course of the evening we’ll be talking with Brian Kilmeade and Jimmy Failla.

Hey, where else will you be entertained while getting the latest vote totals?

Republished with permission from Kerry: Unemployed and Unedited.