Dems Want to Block a Tough-On-Crime Parole Board Chief

by Kerry Dougherty

Virginia Democrats are audacious. You’ve got to give them that.

During the lawless  McAuliffe-Northam years, Virginia’s Parole Board was headed by bleeding hearts, who specialized in releasing criminals.

They were rewarded for their soft-hearted approach with judgeships. Because that’s how Democrats roll.

You’d think the party that favors criminals over victims wouldn’t want to remind the public of its own terrible record.

But they can’t help themselves.

Now that Gov. Glenn Youngkin has named Patricia West, a tough, super-qualified retired Virginia Beach judge to the same position, they’re trying to block her confirmation. They fear she’ll be too tough on criminals.

Dems have removed her name from a list of gubernatorial appointments. Her name could be restored by the entire General Assembly.

You’d think Democrats would be so embarrassed by what they did when they controlled the board they wouldn’t want to remind the public of their own terrible record.

You see, Democrats prefer board chairs like Adrianne Bennett, now a juvenile judge in Virginia Beach.

Bennett merrily sprang murderers and cop killers from prison, joking in an email that she was waving her “magic wand of power.”

Among those killers freed during the Northam years was a Louisiana guy who raped, kidnapped and stabbed to death a 78-year-old grandmother who allowed the stranger in her home when he asked to use her phone.

Yep, he’s back on the street.

So is Vincent Martin, the hairbag who executed Richmond police officer Michael Conner back in 1979. Both killer and victim were 23.

The good guy’s been in the ground for 45 years. The predator is free.

That makes Democrats do their happy dance.

There were more. We wrote about these reeking, capricious actions of the parole board back in 2020. Read all about it here.

Back to the qualified nominee Youngkin has put forth: I’ve known “Trish” West for years. I trust her to make smart, fair parole decisions that place the safety of Virginia’s communities and the fears of the victims and their families above political dogma.

West is a former Juvenile and Domestic Court Judge, retired Virginia Beach Circuit Court Judge, Former State Director of Juvenile Justice, former Secretary of Public Safety and most recently a member of the State Corporation Commission. 

When I interviewed former Gov. Bob McDonnell on WNIS in December I asked him to compare his experiences in Richmond with Governor Youngkin’s. He pointed out that during his term, Republicans and Democrats worked together. Back then, he said, Virginia’s Democrat Party had many moderates who were willing to reach across the aisle to work for the common good.

McDonnell said the Democrats have rid themselves of these moderates. The commonwealth is stuck with a far-left Democrat party.

Watch and see what happens to West’s confirmation. If no Democrats are willing to confirm her that should tell you where we’re headed

Three words: lock your doors.

Republished with permission from Kerry: Unemployed and Unedited.