COVID-19 Vaccinations in the United States

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, COVID Data Tracker

As of Jan. 13, 2021, Virginia ranked 46th among U.S. states and territories in the per capita administration of the COVID-19 vaccine. Compare Virginia with West Virginia. Maybe West Virginia knew what it was doing back in 1861. — JAB

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  1. The way I read that, ten states had given fewer shots per 100K than VA, making us 40th….WAY better. You owe them an apology, Jim. 🙂

  2. We’re doing better than Mississippi!

  3. How is that WV has administered 64% of the doses they received and we have only administered 24%.

    I sure hope those 606k doses are not anywhere near their 30 day deep storage window.

  4. These stats are appalling.

  5. The amazing thing to me is West Virginia , whose geography contains significant mountainous topography.

    Whatever approach they used, bears others taking a look.

    Locally, in the Fredericksburg Area – right now – there is a vaccine site at our Convention Center and as far as I know at this point, only medical and front-line workers are getting the vaccine. The next group that includes people over 75 has been invited to sign up to be notified when they can get vaccinated.

    • Probably five pharmacies within two miles of my house, and a pretty big Bon Secours medical complex directly across Patterson Avenue. None sticking arms with this. Our community building would be a perfect site for all of us in this neighborhood. Maybe March? I’m hoping for at least March….Talked to a friend in Georgia the other day and he and his wife had appointments for the next day.

  6. Some governors are not good managers and Northam is one of them. That is OK, if such a governor surrounds himself with good managers. It seems that Northam has not done this, either in his own staff (chief of staff) or at the Secretarial or agency level with respect to public health. The administration has finally decided to bring in the calvary, in the person of Danny Avula, the local health director for Richmond and Henrico. Hopefully, he will be up to the task.

  7. Baconator with extra cheese

    No worries Dr Governor says it’s just unreported data… not reality.

  8. James Wyatt Whitehead V

    The street hustlers have a new game: Covid vaccine black market. Now which street corner do I need to visit?

    • I’m still actively considering Nancy’s idea about getting arrested and getting a shot at intake at the regional jail….Normally I might be inclined to cut some slack and see what develops, but this is life and death and there is no question that age remains the #1 determinant of death risk. Through all this surge, it remains true that 92.5% of deaths occur in people 55 and older per CDC….

      • James Wyatt Whitehead V

        Your plan might not work. It is harder now to get arrested. I contacted the Rappahannock Rapidan Region for VDH. They are only doing surveys for now and not sure when a needle will be used. Maybe in two weeks? That is what I was told. 75 and older can take the survey as individuals. Frontline workers need not apply as individuals. Your boss is hopefully completing the survey on your behalf.

      • High-speed car/motorcycle chases are a fun way to get arrested.

        As long as you refrain from pointing a gun at the police officers once they catch you.

    • I have no objection to a blackmarket that provides the real thing.

      I worry the local pharmacist who cuts it to increase profits or sells a counterfeit. Too many cases of it having been done with chemotherapeutic drugs for Steve to call it “fear porn”.

  9. On the other hand, Florida, which is much further up the list has created a nightmare for those over 65 with lines out the ying-yang.

  10. Northam is failing again. Why is anybody surprised?

  11. Baconator with extra cheese

    Is Dr Governor going to answer why 142,317 women have been vaccinated vs 65,473 men?
    Seems like a very disproportionate number if we’re chasing Equity. 73% of vaccinations to women…. and did anyone else notice that on VDHs dashboard out of the 193,272 vaccinations race is “not reported” for 124,179… man that is pretty screwy and makes it hard to track Equity.

    And yes I know medicine is dominated by women…. again Equity needs to be met in the medical field if that is Dr Governor’s obsession.

  12. So about 1% in about 2weeks…. only 198 weeks to go…!!

  13. Yep… fear porn…. 😉

  14. Baconator with extra cheese

    I got 2.3 %, based on my math, have one shot down in about a month. So kids will be back in school by about…. June 2022.
    Unless everyone who doesn’t get the shot dies by then.
    Oh and don’t forget when we open the border in the next month we’ll need to vaccinate about 300,000 new Virginians.
    So lets go with September 2022.

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