Correction: DLS Was There At Energy Conference

There was a Division of Legislative Services staff person present at the recent National Regulatory Conference in Williamsburg. My piece yesterday was in error.  Attorney Christine Noonan’s name was on the list and I missed it.  She’s been at DLS for a while, but only this session started as staff support for the committees doing energy legislation. 

Even worse was any implication that the folks at DLS might not be interested in policy details, when my decades of experience with them has left me with firm knowledge the opposite is true.  No apology or correction was requested, which is all the more reason it was imperative.  I hope she and they will accept it.  A notation was added to the article.

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5 responses to “Correction: DLS Was There At Energy Conference

  1. Well, then, in fairness, I comment under that article should be erased. Feel free to do so, Steve.

  2. She was so nice about it today when I met her at an SCC hearing – even showed me her big thick binder from the meeting. She’ll know that your comment was based on my mistake. And its still the case no legislator or legislative aide attended (well, I’d better wait for my next comeuppance.)

  3. Don’t know about your youth, but you are hell of fine journalist now. The part about your words resonating with depths of subtle meanings is remarkable. Far more often than not, I am sure you’re right on the mark, letting you words and narrative breath from the depths of events, leaving space for your reader’s informed imagination to probe below the surface, finding forces and inflections at work under the appearance of players and events. That’s why literary fiction is truer than fact, and fine journalism resonates deep with the skills of fiction writers. But a very fine writer’s talent gets loose from his master and runs away from him, on occasion. Then he carries his most appreciative fans right along cause the horse his fans ride is so fine, a joy, to ride. I get carried away to, so our mistake was surely mutual.

    • Thanks. I didn’t use the line, but very much enjoyed the admission by Commissioner McNamee that he was so much smarter, so much more confident of Truth, when he was a 26-year old policy adviser to George Allen (I knew him then, he was!) Now he sees more grey and spends more time listening. Sadly as journalist I might have resembled his remark….

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