Commonwealth Conservative Gets Results

Bloggers can get results! Chad Dotson over at Commonwealth Conservative criticized the Tim Kaine campaign last week for posting an ad at the leftist “News Blog,” thus implicitly endorsing its contents — including a depiction of Maryland’s Lt. Gov. Michael Steele, an African American, as “Simple Sambo.” Dotson appealed to the Kaine campaign to denounce “this horrifying display of racism” and pull its ad.

In an update, Dotson reports that the Kaine team, to its credit, did pull the ad, calling the “Simple Sambo” post as “wholly inappopriate.”

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3 responses to “Commonwealth Conservative Gets Results”

  1. Waldo Jaquith Avatar
    Waldo Jaquith

    It’s my understanding of the timeline that the Kaine campaign had ordered their ad pulled some hours prior to Chad’s blog entry.

    I find fascinating your assertion that, in advertising on that blog, Kaine was “implicitly endorsing its contents.” Presumably, you base this on your own experience as somebody running a website that accepts ads.

    Does the Hampton Roads Technology Council endorse all of the contents of Bacon’s Rebellion? Method Graphics? The Virginia Technology Alliance? Would it be fair for me to attack the Virginia Technology Alliance for their belief that Gov. Warner has “failed to step up to the plate at times when additional leadership might have counted“? Does the Virginia Technology Alliance agree that Gov. Warner has “bamboozled voters twice regarding his intention to raise taxes“?

    When the Virginia Technology Alliance writes that “the views and opinions of authors expressed in Bacon’s Rebellion do not necessarily state or reflect those of the VTA or its member councils,” does that override your belief that they endorse Bacon’s Rebellion’s views? Or does your assertion trump theirs, by virtue of you being the publisher?

    I look forward to finding out. I may be able to whip up a few angry blog entries about your advertisers’ fringe beliefs. 😉

  2. Jim Bacon Avatar

    Waldo, I stand corrected on the use of the phase “implicitly endorsing its contents.” That was careless wording on my part, and you are right to call me on the carpet for it. I should have said “appearing to endorse its contents.” Clearly, by pulling the ads — either before or after Dotson brought it to the attention of Virginians — the Kaine campaign clearly did NOT endorse the blog’s contents. The Kaine campaign did the right thing and deserves credit for it.

  3. Waldo Jaquith Avatar
    Waldo Jaquith

    I definitely agree with you about the appearance of endorsement. It’s a shame that it’s so, but, frankly, if I were a candidate, I wouldn’t want to help to fund that sort of nastiness, anyhow.

    All of this does raise a serious concern about advertising on blogs. Gilliard’s response to the Kaine campaign pulling the ad was to freak out and attack Kaine, saying Kaine is racist. If a campaign were to ask me today “Should I advertise on blogs?”, I’d have to say “not unless that blog has a best-practices guide that makes clear that you won’t be punished for your business relationship with that blog.”

    Many bloggers may be forced to self-regulate just to get advertisers.

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