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IMHO, one of the best things this blog is the comments section. Unlike many blogs, we who post here love comments and we frequently wade into the comment section ourselves.

It’s a bit frustrating to me when bloggers almost never respond to comments, but even more frustrating when no comment mechanism is enabled.

Take River City Rapids, a good blog about Richmond. It formerly allowed comments, but now there’s no way to communicate with “Snoopy” and “Wonder Woman.” There’s not even a way to email them.

RCR has been covering the Greater Richmond Partnership economic development story quite well. I wanted to add a point or two–not enough to be worthy of a post here on BR, but something I thought might add to an understanding of the issue. I couldn’t do it.

Virginia bloggers, open up the dialog! Props to Commonwealth Conservative, Salt Lick, Commonwealth Commonsense, Virginia Progressive, and Waldo Jaquith, some of the blogs I read regularly that have participatory comment sections.

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11 responses to “Comment Commentary”

  1. No comment.

  2. Jason Kenney Avatar
    Jason Kenney

    Some folks may have issues with comment spammers and decide that no comments is better than dealing with thousands of comments about online poker or larger genitalia.

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    Jason is right. Comment spam is driving me up the wall; it’s been almost unmanageable over the last couple of months as traffic to my blog has increased quite a bit.

    I’ve never really given much thought to closing the comments section, though, and I made a decision early on not to moderate my comments either. The reason for that is exactly what Will alludes to above — the desire to have a place for Virginians of all stripes to discuss Virginia politics and issues.

    FWIW, I’m in the process of upgrading my blogging software, and there are some good plugins that will help (I hope) with the comment and trackback spam. I can’t do anything about the liberal posts, however. 🙂

    John Behan
    Commonwealth Conservative

  4. Waldo Jaquith Avatar
    Waldo Jaquith

    What I really, really like about comments on various blogs (mine included) is the comments that come from folks from other parties that are looking to come to a common point, or some form of agreement. It’s easy to pick sides, sit back and lob grenades. It’s hard to collaborate to improve our parties and our commonwealth. Comment sections, used respectfully by both bloggers and blog commenters, can be a great path towards collaboration and bipartisanship.

  5. Anonymous Avatar

    Hear, hear, Waldo. When you get past the trolls, the comments sections on our various blogs are a great opportunity for cross-party discourse.

    Honestly, it’s unique in Virginia history. Any Virginian from any town from any political persuasion can have a discussion about the issues of the day. When it’s kept respectful, it can be a very good thing.

    John Behan
    Commonwealth Conservative

  6. Anonymous Avatar

    Amen Waldo. Liberal or conservative, tax or no tax, I like to think we all want a better Virginia. A little more effort on the common points and a few less grenades would go a long way.

    RAy Hyde

  7. I was told that they did not want me posting anymore because I was always bringing up the Richmond Renaissance’s and the Ukrops’ influence as a source of corruption. decided to end their online forum for the time being also.
    I can’t help but think that this is not a technical issue at all but a political one.

    I agree should allow comments, if they are technically able to.

    I do appreciate sites that allow comments. I understand it may take some work on the part of the hosts. My hat goes off to Ryan at

  8. William O'Keefe Avatar
    William O’Keefe

    We have obviously reached the stage of over sensitivity where too many live in a bubble and are offended when anyone disagrees with them. They need to grow up. This incident reminds me of two movies–Sands of Iwo Jima and The American President. In the first, John Wayne says “life is tough. It’s especially tough when you are stupid.” In the second, the last scene where Michael Douglas takes over a press conference. He makes some important points about freedom and liberty. It is worth watching that segment.

  9. Virginia Gentleman Avatar
    Virginia Gentleman

    Perhaps I am not clear on what it means to live on the lawn and be open to visitors. But, the main problem that I have is that a grown man thought it was wise to travel to campus and confront a student with a razor blade. Whether or not, he chose to follow through is not admirable to me. He should never have been there in the first place.

  10. Wahoo'74 Avatar

    Small wonder US military enlistments are plummeting. Who’d want to fight for a racist nation or subject yourself to a screaming drill sargeant?

  11. vicnicholls Avatar

    Some of us don’t always want to be an echo chamber Jim. Lot I agree and disagree with on here. Sometimes, especially during General Assembly season, its hard to keep up here. LOL.

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