Can VT Thrive If It Alienates Half the Population?

Virginia Tech is hot right now — very hot. The university is building a high-tech campus in Alexandria, its fund-raising efforts are collecting unprecedented sums of money, its faculty members are snaring serious venture capital funding. And in a new Money magazine survey ranking U.S. universities by “value,” it logged a very respectable position at No. 34.

The big question is whether Tech can sustain this momentum while transforming its campus culture into such an in-your-face caricature of political correctness that it risks offending large swaths of its customer base — middle-class parents who hew to more conservative values. The indoctrination of leftist values on issues of gender, sexuality, and race in this fall’s orientation was offensive to some.

Writes Penny Nance in the Federalist, “I was shocked to experience what I can only describe as extreme and overtly leftist propaganda. … The school constantly defined and showcased identity group politics. … As a mom, part of me wanted to load my son in the car and head up the road to Liberty University.”

Nance is a conservative activist and CEO of Concerned Women of America, a group whose mission is to “protect and promote Biblical values and Constitutional principles through prayer, education, and advocacy,” so her reaction is likely stronger than that of most people. But one does not have to be an evangelical Christian — or even a Christian — to be concerned by the university’s hostility toward traditional values. “Parents, don’t be shocked if your kid comes home changed,” she quotes one orientation leader as saying.

It’s one thing for your kid to passively absorb the pervasive values of a higher-ed institution. It’s quite another for that institution to engage in formal indoctrination of values antithetical to yours. As parent of a college-age kid myself, I would not be thrilled to pay $27,000 a year for him to attend a political re-education camp.

Higher-ed has enjoyed bi-partisan support through the ages. Political and cultural conservatives have maintained that support even as campus cultures have drifted leftward, persuaded that colleges would provide skills needed to prosper in a career. But when institutions inculcate values hostile to those of parents, that political support will fray rapidly.

So far, there has been a lot of grumbling but remarkably little blow back. Alumni still donate large sums — Virginia Tech raised a record $181.9 million in donations and commitments in 2018, an 18% increase over the previous year, according to Virginia Business. Such a high percentage of students accepted their invitation to attend Virginia Tech this year that enrollments are oversubscribed, creating a campus housing shortage. University faculty are raising serious venture funding. For instance, Landos Biopharma, founded by Tech professor Josep Bassaganya-Riera, just raised $60 million in venture funding — a remarkable sum for a campus as isolated as Blacksburg — to pursue clinical trials for treatments of auto-immune diseases. Meanwhile, Tech has committed to build a $1 billion technology campus near Amazon’s HQ2 facility in Amazon.

Indeed, Tech is on such a tear right now that top administrators likely feel free to indulge their leftist internal constituencies and promulgate policies increasingly inimical to conservative values. If people like Penny Nance don’t like it, screw ’em. They’re dinosaurs, retrogrades, bible thumpers, Trump voters, whatever. Who needs them? Who’s scared of them? Politically, they’re on the losing side as Virginia politics skew increasingly blue. And if parents decide not to send their children to Tech, there is no lack of students clamoring to get in.

But Nance won’t slip quietly into the night. “Why,” she asks, “should taxpayers foot the bill for liberal indoctrination? … Virginians deserve better. We do not bow to the ascendancy of the liberal, ivory-towered academic’s worldview over ours.”

She has called upon parents, donors and alumni to make their voices heard. Use the power of the purse — state support for higher-ed — to push back. “Contact your state legislators and demand legislation prohibiting the forced use of speech codes.” 

I have long warned of a conservative backlash against public higher-ed in Virginia. Now it has begun. Virginia Tech and other universities are critical institutions for building innovation ecosystems and preparing the next generation of Virginians to thrive in a globally competitive, knowledge-driven economy. But in their hubris they are over-reaching. They cannot possibly do well when half the population sees them as the enemy.

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  1. You know, this is the kind of dishonest narratives going around these days:

    ” … legislation prohibiting the forced use of speech codes.”

    Virginia Tech and many others now ALLOW those that want to – to use their own preferred label…

    it’s actually MORE INCLUSIVE and MORE accepting of other values…

    yet, Conservative types see this as a threat to their own “values”…. AND
    they claim that by merely ALLOWING others to self-describe their gender that it is “leftist propaganda”.

    All I can say is her son has an opportunity to become a better person than his mom.

    What is wrong with Conservatives these days? I do understand they have their own values different from more liberal thinking folks but why do they feel to the need to LIE about things like the Va Tech policy?

    • Is it more “inclusive” to hold separate graduation ceremonies for people of different races and religions?

      Is it more “accepting of other peoples’ values” to start telling them what pronouns they should use?

      • If they want separate (supplemental) events – yes – it IS THEIR CHOICE!

        WHO is FORCING others to use pronouns that don’t describe their own gender and why would those who already have the ability to describe their own gender – OBJECT to letting others ?

        What is wrong with Conservatives these days who oppose acceptance and inclusion of others AND misrepresent the issue?


      • A variety of graduation celebrations occur with subsets of Virginia Tech’s students and increasingly, students show their uniquenesses by the way they decorate their caps , wear Hawaiian leis and other things at the university ceremony. Those who participate in the subset activities do so by choice. No one is forced to attend any part of graduation ceremonies.

        Allowing people who want to use different pronouns tell others the pronouns they prefer respects all parties. By respecting someone else’s choice of pronouns, I hope that we will better work together.

  2. Answer this: Is the hook-up culture anathema to conservative parents, and valued as a healthy culture the liberal parents of sons and daughters? Do liberal parents want universities messing the sexual orientation of their sons and daughters?

    How can we say that “when institutions inculcate values hostile to those of parents, that political support will fray rapidly” when universities have been thumbing their nose at parents, and messing up their children’s heads, for going on five decades now?

    • Nobody wants universities messing with values. Academic study of values indicates that these are deeply seated, not easy to change. I have never heard anyone anywhere in academia seeking to or claiming to change student values. In fact, the push is toward respecting all, not changing them.

      The idea that universities have been seeking to change values of students for going on five decades is an urban myth. Sadly, too many accept it as fact.

  3. Oh boo-hoo. I read the article by the mom snd tended to be very dismissive. From what i gather there is no such policy at VT. Apparently they ran into some folks who hold different ideas and are just as strong about them. And if you are still unclear about your sexual orientation by age 18, i don’t know what to say.

  4. This is getting blown totally out of proportion! I am a VT graduate and current faculty member. I advise students and sometimes help with orientation. The comment “expect your student to be changed by college” has been made forever. It was not referencing the pronoun issue. Think back to your college experience, didn’t it change you?

    VT is not profoundly liberal and anti-conservative. It’s not fair to assume that or to assume that the university seeks to turn students against the values they were raised with!

    Many of my students are strong conservatives. The day after Trump was elected, my conservative students were ecstatic and speaking freely about what they viewed as the future. A student who had campaigned for Clinton quietly left, not feeling up to discussing the issue at that time. She never told her classmates about her efforts or her feelings but did discuss it with me privately. I respected her decision about it. I seek to get all to feel comfortable being honest about their perspectives and to discuss them rationally and civilly; I do not know anyone at VT who doesn’t. Over the last decade, steps have been taken to attempt to make the university environment comfortable for everyone, especially those who’ve been uncomfortable for many decades.

    Many of the people with whom I interact with away from the university, especially in Central Virginia, now specify pronouns and when we have meetings include that in personal introductions. To date, I have not been in a meeting at VT where it was done.

    I expect that orientation leaders did this to attempt to make those who’ve been excluded for so long comfortable. I know without checking it was not done to upset conservatives and was not anticipated to do so. I wish Penny Nance had taken the opportunity offered to discuss the issue and that she knew more about the whole effort to create a comfortable environment for everyone.

    Too many people assume all university folks are ultra liberal and that all seek to turn all students into the same. In my experience, nothing could be farther from the truth! We seek a comfortable environment for all and free exchange of ideas.

    I’m really sorry Bacon’s Rebellion is piling on and making this more than it was/is. This is not helpful for our divided society. We need to not assume the worst, putting disconnected things together. Instead of emphasizing differences in every case and magnifying even tiny done, we need to look for win/win situations. Everything doesn’t have a winner and a loser. There is middle ground and people who have strong perspectives can civilly work with those who have even opposite perspectives if all will seek civility. This issue is not defining for VT and this mischaracterization should not be over-emphasized.

  5. The issue seems to be that these policies are not ones that Conservatives like – and so that means they are “hostile” to them… a “threat” to their “values”.

    What a bunch of idiots.

    So glad that her son is not the idiot his mom is……… has a chance
    at becoming a grown-up……

  6. I really don’t care what they/them/whatever want to call themselves (we, it, us, puddintain) and if they make their preference clear to me, I will try to comply to an extent, but laughing very hard under my breath. THIS fad will fade quickly. I think Jim is asking a question that answers itself, and there will likely be no blow back, not on that. She weeps for an America that was largely dead when Peter was trying to get girls at Woodstock! The culture war is over and the traditionalists have lost. The apologists and priests of victimhood have won. Her child is going to face far deeper and more dangerous indoctrination than that, and whether or not it works will largely depend on the core beliefs the child brought in to being with. Most are indeed marshmallows.

    MAGA Man was a one-off, last gasp, and he will likely usher in an age that will stun even the most hopeful Aquarians.

    They are not idiots, Larry. And they do represent a huge block of the population. The great wheel will likely turn again, probably with the total financial bankruptcy of the socialist utopia you seek. What shocked the parents at my orientation was the announcement about dorm visitation policies, and trust me, the parents were dead on correct about how that would change us freshman year. Yep, Yep, Yep…..

  7. re: “… probably with the total financial bankruptcy of the socialist utopia you seek.”

    Most likely not. Some of us are pragmatic as well as fiscally responsible – we just see a different role for govt when it comes to things like health care, public education, public roads, etc… like most of the rest of the developed world is ……

    On acceptance of change – which I realize is a tough thing for some – what the gender thing essentially does is ALLOW people to self-label AND also ALLOW those who are more tolerant and accepting of others who are different to act that way without being impugned for their acceptance of others – like we have seen with the treatment of black folks then homosexuals, etc – at places like Tech in fact….

    It’s a different world than before – and BETTER in this regard for those who accept and embrace change that treats others better than they were before.

    And no, just because there are a large group of racists (for instance) – does NOT give them legitimacy and that kind of behavior towards others is hateful and ignorant – call it what it is.

    I know it’s tough Steve – but try to keep up….

  8. Better? Time will tell. Uh, Europe’s in full recession, Larry. Could it be the social welfare spending and the the green energy mania? Again, time will tell….(not the gender fad, I’ll give you that.)

  9. I must have missed something. Jim seems upset about VT pushing a liberal agenda on incoming freshmen and how all the conservatives in the state will stop supporting it. But the only example is a woman who really wanted her child to go to Liberty, but who was apparently overruled. The only evidence provided in subsequent comments involved the issue of what pronouns people should use. Really? Is that what this is all about? Personally, I am annoyed over the use of “ they” instead of “he”, but that is because I was indoctrinated by my 9th grade English teacher and, at my age, it is hard to change. But , I understand the issue and am gradually getting into the flow.

  10. These responses (other than Steve’s and Reed’s) miss the point of the post. It doesn’t matter whether you agree or disagree with the changes taking place on campus. The point is that the changes are proving distressing to a large segment of the population, and that they could invite a political backlash. If the responses here are any indication, VT will take the position that the problem lies entirely with the neanderthals who can’t embrace change and will take the “screw ’em” option.

    Two trends are coming together. One is the relentless increase in the cost of attending public universities. The other is the increasing hostility toward traditional values. In the larger context of the nation’s intensifying culture wars, there will be political consequences.

  11. Jim – no, it’s not. It’s a significant minority, but less of a force than you think. Apathy and entropy rule. November ’19 and November ’20 may be a rude shock to you, but they won’t be to me.

    Dick – she was also offended that the speakers seemed to apologize to the indigenous tribe that populated the New River Valley before the Europeans came and stole the land. Remember, Tech is guilt-disadvantaged compared to peers. It was founded after the War of Northern Aggression, under legislation signed by the Great Emancipator (Republican!), so no opportunity to apologize for slavery. UVA and W&M can do that…

    As a member of the faculty, Consumer Advocate’s comments need to be heeded. Might not be as bad as some think (never is.)

  12. Why can’t you write about something important like buying Greenland?

    • Trump clearly does believe all that ice is melting off….despite what he says :). (And before you pounce, Larry, it did before, allowing Viking settlements in many places later frozen over and a real northwest passage. It’s a cycle, remember?)

      Back on topic, it occurs to me that I’d be pretty amused and Larry would be apoplectic if he had to sit through orientation at Liberty…

  13. This woman was similarly offended by the Disney movie “Frozen:”

    “Are movies like the Disney smash hit about an ice queen and her sister empowering girls by turning our men into fools and villains?” Fox News host Steve Doocy asked. “What kind of message is that sending to our kids and to all of us?”

    Naturally, Fox News invited the head of the anti-feminist group Concerned Women for America to discuss how Frozen and other movies “depict men as evil and cold and bumblers.”

    “It’s not just Disney, Hollywood in general has often sent the message that men are superfluous, that they’re stupid, that they’re in the way and if they contribute anything to a family, it’s a paycheck,” Penny Nance said, saying that such films are “tearing down men” and “villainize masculinity.”

    “It would be nice for Hollywood to have more male figures in those kinds of movies as heroes,” an oblivious Doocy said.

  14. Point well taken. Nance may be the mirror image of hyper-sensitive people on the left who see racists and micro-aggressions at every turn. It will be interesting to see if others responded to VT’s orientation the same way she did. If she’s out there all by herself, perhaps there will be no broader backlash. We’ll see.

    • Careful, Jim – you are close to it. I take you back to my high school history classroom, when our resident John Bircher was waxing eloquent about the coming glorious day when they would be in charge (has he lived to see Trump?), and the revenge to be taken. Our meek and mild teacher, Anna Louise Haley, noted that his speech and paranoia sounded just like the message from the Left. It’s not a line, it’s a circle, and Left Paranoid and Right Paranoid have more common with each other than with Middle Left or Middle Right.

  15. I don’t have a problem with someone customizing their name or pronouns, I guess. It sort of reminds me of one of my friends in law school whose first name was spelled Marcia. Yep, we first called her “Marsha.” But she preferred to be called Mar-cee-a. I called her that through law school. If a met a person who looked like a guy but preferred to be called Heloise, I’d make a fair effort to call him/her Heloise. Other people wouldn’t.

    Things become much more problematic when the rules change about who gets to decide how society approaches a person or what a person means by a symbol. The American Bar Association has recently published an article by a black law professor at Gonzaga University who is extremely offended by a white make student wearing a MAGA hat and interprets it as anti-minority message. The student replied that he just liked Trump. The ABA commentary tended to support the view of the professor.

    Change things around. Let’s take an Orthodox Jewish professor who has a student wearing a sweatshirt with a quotation from Ilhan Omar about Palestine and Israel. Who gets to decide whether the shirt carries an anti-sematic message or more importantly, what the student intended by his/her wearing the sweatshirt?

    A Confederate flag on a pickup truck – a sign of racism or southern pride? A Mexican flag at a immigration event – a sign of anti-Americanism or a sign of ethnic pride? Who decides what the “speaker” means? And if we have a rule that flips between the speaker or the listener/viewer based on the politics, don’t we have a very serious problem in the United States? That’s one of the reasons Trump won.

    • Self-obsession that breeds identify dysphoria that arises from today’s screen fixation, it is akin to Narcissus whose reflected image is perennially ajitter, a people captivated in their own neurotic society that itself is trapped in endless mind games. It’s gotten so bad universities wade in.

  16. I’ve been reading BR for about a year now. This is the first time I’ve ever posted on any blog, so I’m more than a little out of my comfort zone.

    “My kid and my money go to Va Tech,” reads a bumper sticker I’ve seen around town. That statement aptly describes me. My husband and I have had one son graduate from VT this past May, and our second son is starting there as a freshman a week from Monday. He was at one of the orientation sessions this summer. As a second time Hokie parent and resident of the New River Valley, I opted skip the first day (and the $35/parent fee) and slip into orientation on day 2, the department and major specific sessions.

    When my husband asked our son about orientation, our son replied the first day was “worthless” but he was excited by what the major has to offer, day 2’s part of orientation. We never did get much in the way of details about day one except that every speaker introduced themselves, name quickly followed by preferred pronouns. There was also a “game” in the evening that was supposed to teach students the danger of making assumptions about people. I heard about this because our son was pleased with himself that he was correct in all the assumptions he made about his orientation leader. This and a recounting of how much he ate was all we heard about day one.

    I was there for day 2. That was when I first say my son’s name tag; his name with the male pronouns listed below. The first presentation was for all the students in the College of Architecture. There wasn’t anything particularly memorable in that session; even though it was less than a month ago, I’m having difficulty recalling much in the way of specifics. The day really got started for us when we went to his major specific program. Though much of the information was review as we had already visited the department, it was refreshing to hear again. His department presentation focused on what they will be learning, internship opportunities, and career planning. Noteworthy in comparison to day 1 was that there was no mention of pronouns period.

    In our family’s experience with Virginia Tech, there seems to be a divide between large university philosophy and small college interactions. I’ll try to explain what I mean. The university often frustrates and angers me similar to what I think Ms. Nance was trying to articulate. Over the last 3 years, the time our family has been directly connected to VT, communications from the university, Timothy Sands, et al, has been increasingly focused on inclusion, diversity, and “wokeness” in general. During our oldest son’s first year, the first “safe spaces” appeared on campus. I get the distinct impression the university is almost embarrassed by the presence of students like my sons, who happen to be white males. My two oldest sons asked me to proofread their application essays. In 2018, VT debuted a new application; I think all of the essays dealt with diversity / inclusion topics. I know the 2015 application was not so singularly focused. A fellow parent remarked, tongue-in-cheek, that white males seems to be the only group on campus not invited to a special graduation ceremony. At the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) commencement ceremony, the only student recognized on the podium was the recipient of a diversity award.

    At least with our oldest son, the daily interactions did not mirror larger university philosophy. Initial impressions give the idea it will be similar for our next son. We have one son left in high school, and his interests also align closely with fields best studied, at least in VA, at VT. That reminds me of something our oldest said. He was telling me how VT has some of the best programs, if not the best, in the country in the College of Natural Resources (I think). His point was why doesn’t the university promote what they do well rather than go on apology tour.

    VT is a big place and what happens for one group of students may not be what happens for another. I say this in reference to the comments about the 2016 election. Our oldest was in his first semester. He sent me a text that morning that campus had an eerie quietness about it. He went to class and the professor was in a daze. The professor tabled the scheduled discussion and said it would be a day for people to discuss how they were feeling. My son knew his feelings would not be well received. That particular professor never recovered, and the class best was described as train wreck for the rest of the semester.

    Re the comment, “Parents, don’t be shocked if your kid comes home changed” : I don’t know if the “orientation leader” who made the remark was a VT employee or a student orientation leader. If it was the latter, I really wouldn’t get worked up over a remark made by a 20-year old. And, I think there would be something wrong if there is no change in a student between the ages of 18 and 21/22. I am sure glad my oldest has matured since he turned 18 and hope the second one will too. That being said, there are some people on campus actively trying to change your kid. At least one my son met. An introductory science professor. She teaches hundreds of freshmen every year (she won’t have our son this fall; his major requires a different science). She gets lots of non-science majors especially. Lab science class, seems like it should be tame. The science part was; our son learned more in his high school class, but that’s a different post. There were non-science related reading assignments. I know this because my confused son asked me to read something to see if I could tell what it had to do with his science class. Bless his heart, he thought the assigned reading ought to be related to the subject matter. It wasn’t. I asked to see the assignment. Read and respond. Maybe one had something tangentially related to the class. Most were on the theme of “you should really question what you’ve been taught.” One reminded me of the story in Genesis when the serpent says to Eve (paraphrasing here), “Did God really say?” Remember the audience: first semester, freshmen, most away from home for the first time. She also gave extra credit for proof of voter registration and cancelled class on election to make sure the students had the opportunity to vote. No, she never suggested how they vote. (Here I interject it is a small world, or at least a small NRV. We’ve known this professor since her husband coached 2 of our sons in Kindergarten soccer, and we even drove a soccer carpool together a couple seasons. Their lawn was filled with Obama yard signs in 2008, but we never had any idea how she used academic freedom in her classroom until our son was a student. She is actually passionate about her academic discipline as she gives a great community / school presentation.)

    I have let my delegate know my concerns about how our tax and tuition dollars are being used; that was before orientation. We’ll probably talk again . I don’t know that the local GA members will do much to hold VT accountable; it is, after all, Montgomery County’s largest employer. I am loathe to make waves at VT while my son is a student. Say what you may about me, the hope is our son gets at least a partial departmental scholarship for his next years, and I don’t want to mess that up.

  17. It’s worth noting Virginia Tech’s response to Nance’s post, as reported by the Roanoke Times:

    The university pushed back Thursday saying it doesn’t push a political agenda at orientation but rather focuses on providing a well-rounded education in and out of the classroom.

    “We have students coming from all walks of life … and we are simply a reflection of that,” Tech spokeswoman Tracy Vosburgh said in Thursday afternoon interview. …

    Virginia Tech published a statement Wednesday night from Vice President of Student Affairs Patricia Perillo that read in part, “Stating one’s gender pronoun is a personal decision. No one in the Virginia Tech community is required to do so.”

    Perillo went on to write that using gender neutral pronouns, in place of he or she, is becoming increasingly commonplace across society and that many students arrive on campus with that in mind.

    “Accordingly, gender neutral pronouns have been created and are used in the interest of greater equality, dignity, and inclusion. This is an important aspect of our deep commitment to our students’ mental health and well-being,” she wrote.

    • The rest of the country is. Let’s keep Virginia in the past.

    • The idea that everyone can choose one’s gender mocks those people who do have a medical/psychological issue with matching their biological characteristics and their mental/emotional state. It also shows how we are wasting tax dollars on educators and administrators who aren’t teaching information, reasoning and analysis.

      And if one can chose gender with government recognition, why can ‘t someone choose their age?

  18. Do you have an email, web site or other contact info for Nance? Would love to help out with the cause.

  19. DLunsford –

    I agree with you. This horrible behavior at Virginia Tech has been going on now for years. Now is the time to confront it.

    For example:

    “Reed Fawell 3rd | April 7, 2018 at 11:15 am |

    As Jim Bacon suggests, here is the real teachable moment, here is the really frightening event:

    “Then came the crowning blow, the condemnation of their peers. The Virginia Tech Student Government adopted a resolution condemning the use of the racial slur, describing it as “one of many episodes of discrimination and animosity toward marginalized groups that have occurred on the campus of Virginia Tech in recent months.”

    According to the Campus Reform website, the resolution stated:

    Examples of such discriminatory incidents include… a guest lecture by Dr. Charles Murray, a white-nationalist known for inaccurate theories linking race and intelligence; a Steven Crowder speaking event in which promotional materials contained homophobic language; and the invitation of Charlie Kirk, a controversial right-wing speaker whose rallies have attracted the support of white nationalists and ended in violence such as the February 2nd event at Colorado State University, to speak on campus April 30th.

    Asserting that “such discriminatory incidents contribute to members of marginalized communities feeling unsafe on the campus of Virginia Tech,” the resolution goes on to “completely and wholeheartedly” condemn the Women’s Lacrosse team out of a desire to “stand in solidarity with our fellow students.”

    Apparently this is the sort of education that students at Virginia Tech are getting from their professors. What kind of educational malpractice produces such toxic drivel as this resolution from of “the best and the brightest” students at Virginia Tech, its student leaders. This result is simply astounding.

    Meanwhile serious well documented reports by celebrated professors at Virginia Tech that detail with great authority the corruption of scientific research at Virginia Tech gets hidden and buried from public view.

    What is the real question here?

    Why should not the President of Virginia Tech answer for this? And absent that, be fired?

    Where is the Virginia Tech Board in all of this horror?

    Is no one responsible for educational and research malpractice in Virginia? No one, except the kids. That is how it appears.

    The greater the claims of educational excellence in Virginia by Virginia’s leaders of higher institutions of learning, the greater the failure to produce it. The evidence of this corruption is overwhelming.

    Meanwhile, those responsible, the Administrators and boards, run away and hide or blame it on students, including girls on a lacrosse team celebrating victory on a bus returning from a ball game.

    Who are the moral midgets here? Who are the ones that should answer for all this mess after all the money parents and taxpayers pay to educate their kids.”

    For a whole lot more of the same see post and comments found at:

    • Maybe we should go to the “It” thing from the Adams Family. I looked up Nance and her group to learn about her hard right, “Christian” values. Good for her but go to a private religious school that would accommodate. If my two girls (mary wash and uva) had deal with
      This zealot i would have been mighty pissed off.

    • Today’s Wall Street Journal’s lead editorial, opines:”

      “… but the New York Federal Reserve’s quarterly household debt survey last week showed few portents. What it did show is that more Americans are defaulting on their student loans, and that government budget gnomes have vastly underestimated the future taxpayer charge.

      Defaults have fallen for most forms of consumer debt as the economic expansion continues. Mortgage delinquencies last quarter hit a historic low. But severely delinquent student loans have soared since 2012 and are now 35% of “severe derogatories”—more than credit cards (23%), auto loans (21%) and mortgages (11%).

      About 10% of the $1.5 trillion federal student-loan portfolio is 30 days or more past due. Another 20% is in deferment or forbearance, and about 30% is in income-based repayment plans that allow most borrowers to cap monthly payments at 10% of discretionary income and discharge the remaining balance after 20 years or 10 for folks in “public service.”

      Congress created these nifty plans in 2012 for new borrowers, but then the Obama Administration expanded them retroactively to reduce defaults, buy off millennial voters and disguise the cost of its student-loan takeover. This may be the biggest accounting fraud in history …” For more see WSJ.

      Meanwhile, here is what the Obama administration was otherwise doing to facilitate “the biggest accounting fraud in history”, as I stated early in 2018 in BR.

      “Reed Fawell 3rd | April 8, 2018 at 2:47 pm | Reply

      Recall the 2012 election year. That is when Democrats were scared to death that the 2010 mid-term elections had shown that they were losing the support of younger women, and they were afraid it would repeat in 2012 presidential election year. And that Obama would lose.

      So they began in 2011 to madly engineer “a scare and sweet talk the coed campaign” that was centered around twin memes. The SUGAR DADDY. Based on ObamaCare. And a concocted RAMPANT RAPE EPIDEMIC on America’s campus colleges. Hence, the 2011 Dear Colleague to the colleges and universities about sexual behavior on campus.

      So this scare and sweet talk the coed campaign was multifaceted. First, JULIA was invented. The yuppie sweet web designer college graduate girl who could work and have kids happily and securely without a husband or any man around at all, because she had her sugar daddy, Barack Obama. He would get her first a free public education, then free birth control, then free health and child care, so she could then DO IT ALL – enjoy a single life alone without a care in the world – start up her own tech company without bosses, have her own kids without husbands or fathers, all done with free stuff for her and her kids, just like a life at the beach. And then she could retire with Social Security & Medicare and so spend her golden years volunteering in a community garden, all thanks to Barack Obama.

      Julia was only the start of creating fictional people for young girls.

      So then after Julia, Sugar Daddy Barack created Julia’s little friend in Barack’s Garden of Eden. Here like a God, he created Pajama Boy for Julia. Wimpy, nerdy, a hot chocolate sipper, this sweet boy in his zip-up plaid PJs will never grow up to threaten anybody, least of all little girls, or big girls either. He’s too nice for that. “Hey Girl, I live with my parents. How’d you know I went to Oberlin.” And P-Jam boy got his Obamacare too at Christmas, so he could have a happy New Year too, living at home, sipping chocolate in his PJs’ with his computer screen and dinner made by mom.

      But all good marketers and flimflam artists know the every garden needs a snake to keep little boys’ and girls’ attention, to keep them in line. That way all boys and girls who never grow up MUST be protected from DRAGONS that eat little boys and the BIG BAD WOLF that otherwise will eats little Miss Riding Hoods.

      Thus Barack Obama and Grand Daddy old Joe Bidden created out of their own imaginations A RAMPANT RAPE EPIDEMIC. ONE OUT OF EVERY FOUR GIRLS IN COLLEGE WOULD GET RAPED unless sugar daddy Obama and uncle Joe swung into action against all the big bad white boys doing evil things to girls on campus, mostly in Fraternity houses. BOO!

      SO I GOT YOUR BACK, BARACK declares to the Coeds. ME TOO, Old Uncle Joe chimes in. Barack then told all the college presidents to watch out, not mess with him & Old Joe and their girls. I am not making this up. It happened in the Blue Room of the White House. That was in the Winter of 2014 in time for the mid-term elections in November of 2014. That is when UVA jumped aboard with a Jackie witch hunt.

      So now we got Virginia Tech in the 2108 working with Lit Dickey, conjuring up the Devils Incarnate, big bad wolves like Charles Murray.

      Go though that Freaky Friday Video again. This time look for the memes.

      What do I mean? What kind of meme?

      LOOK CAREFULLY for the “idea, behavior, or style that can easily spread from person to person within a culture—the action aimed at conveying a particular phenomenon, theme, or meaning represented by the meme. A meme acts as a unit for carrying cultural ideas, symbols or practices that help transmit from one mind to another through writing, speech, gestures, rituals, or song. Thus meme creators selling to kids try very hard to build cultural analogues to genes so those memes will on video self-replicate, mutate, and respond to selective pressures that impact kids with a powerful emotional and psychological wallop. (see Wikipedia)

      Built bad meme and foist them on your kids. This is what a lot of immoral professors and politicians do to people too, including kids.

      So slow down Freaky Friday so you can watch it carefully, see and hear and feel it frame by frame, word by word, phrase by phase, move by move, and expression by expression. Do you see what you see?

      Do you see how this piece of performance art is brilliantly designed to appeal to the yearnings and desires, fears and insecurities, of young girls living within the swamp of post-modern culture and its miasma, most particularly the toxic mix to often found today at America’s modern university. Its potent and its highly destructive brew. A poison designed to work like a battering ram that explodes traditional American culture, and American values, habits, institutions, and communities. The goal here is destruction. And it is aimed at your children.”

      For more, see:


    Letter: Virginia Tech does not stifle First Amendment right

    11 hrs ago

    The following is a statement in regard to the recent article titled “Activist criticizes Virginia Tech orientation” (Aug. 16).

    In light of a recent article critiquing the orientation program at Virginia Tech with regard to the “leftist agenda,” we, the College Republicans at Virginia Tech, would like to express our thoughts regarding the article. This article does not reflect the overall beliefs of our organization, nor does it reflect the feelings of many conservative students on our campus. One of our main goals as an organization is to foster a community of respect, love and inclusivity. Virginia Tech is a place where one should feel safe to grow as a person and not be worried to freely express themselves, a right given to us in the First Amendment.

    This article epitomizes the polarized far right in a way that is intolerant, disrespectful and not at all how we want others to view our organization, conservatives or the Republican party as a whole. As a club, we aim to share our values in a way that is respectful, mature and that does not insult a school that has given us all so much, including this organization.

    We do not feel as though we have become “educational refugees.” Virginia Tech has never stifled our ability to exercise our First Amendment right to freedom of speech, and we are all very thankful that we are able to be students at Virginia Tech.





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