Bring It On, Verizon!

O Frabjous Day! Callooh! Callay!” Pardon my chortling, but it’s not often that I espy unadulterated good news coming from the General Assembly. According to Jeffrey Kelley at the Richmond Times-Dispatch, a bill to encourage cable-TV competition sailed through the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee yesterday in an undisputed decision.

As Kelley explains:

Verizon Communications Inc. is laying a network in more than a dozen states, including Virginia, that will allow the phone giant to provide video and compete with satellite and cable-TV providers. But the New York-based telecommunications company wants to sidestep what it believes is too long a process to gain cable-licensing deals from every city or county it plans to serve.

Real competition is long overdue. Verizon, as I understand it, wants to extend fiber-optic cable directly into the home, at least in selected neighborhoods. That would provide a lot more bandwidth than can be pumped through a coaxial cable.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but the quality of my Comcast, “high speed” Internet access has diminished steadily over the nearly four years that I have been subscribing to it. It still works intermittently as billed, but much of the time it’s no faster than dial-up service. For that I need to pay $49.95 per month (plus taxes)?

Bring it on, Verizon, bring it on!

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12 responses to “Bring It On, Verizon!”

  1. nickfinity Avatar

    I wish it was available where I live. Verizon calls it FiOS – It starts at $34.95 a month for speeds up to 5 Mbps down and 2 Mbps up. You can go all the way up to 30 Mbps down and 5 Mbps up. I hope it becomes available in more areas.

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Not only do you get to pay $49.95, but in my area you also get to stay home from work to let them in your home everytime you place a call to notify them that service is out/intermittent in the AREA.

    I don’t know how many times I’ve been advised that I must be home because I have placed this call – and if I am not there, then I get fined – and it’s a big fine too (around $100).

    They do NOT need to come in my home; I have confirmed with my neighbors that their service is out as well – or blinking on and off (which happens FAR too often). It doesn’t matter how many times you say “THE PROBLEM IS NOT IN MY HOME, THE PROBLEM IS COMMUNITY-WIDE” — They still tell you that you must be home or the call for repair will not be initiated. So, some sucker in the neighborhood has to be willing to lose a day’s pay every time the cable goes out. We’ve pretty much all just given up.

  3. Jeremy Hinton Avatar
    Jeremy Hinton

    Expect the same from Vzn’s internet service as from the existing cable companies without a massive paradigm shift in utilization and traffic patterns. Great, 5Mbps, but to what? And as more of your neighboors start using it, watch it whittle away. Massive caching and edge-push content networks like akamai help, but its still a mostly hierarchical structure. When 5MB business costs >$1K but 5MB residential costs $49.95, you can’t expect balance.

  4. Does this mean I’ll be able to get DSL at my home in Sterling/Cascades?

  5. Ms. Elenaeous Avatar
    Ms. Elenaeous

    If I’m reading this right it means that Cox Comm will have some competition in the cable tv market…About time!

  6. Anonymous Avatar

    I have Verizon FIOS in Fairfax –
    Works great but it took two days,six trucks, and 12 hours to
    be “wireless” – Fastest system I have used.

  7. Anonymous Avatar

    Two or more providers, a gazilion more channels, and still nothing worth watching on….

  8. papastrainyard Avatar

    My broadband is up almost all the time. I am satisfied with it!!! Verizon sent me an email offering I think $14.95 a month for their low speed service. But in the small print they disclosed another monthly charge they names but did not sow the amount. Do not trust Verizon, Comcats or any of them – buyer beware. I do think competition is the only thing which can protect us only in a limited way. WE still have responsibilities to look out for the service we want and that means looking at the devil – that is the details.

  9. I’ve had the Verizon FiOS for exactly 60 days now.

    I had Comcast for 7 years prior to the switch. I watched as the Comcast service degraded significantly over the last year that I had the service. Outages became common. In fact, I had more outages in that last year than I had in the previous six combined. The final straw was a conversation with a Comcast “technical” support person during an outage in November. He claimed that there was nothing wrong on their end and wanted me to reinstall my operating system. Yeah right. I’m going to take that advice from a person who barely spoke English? Not a chance. It turned out be an IP address issue on their end, but that conversation cost them a longtime customer.

    Regarding Jeremy’s post, I don’t expect the service to degrade. The fiber-optic line coming to the house connects directly to the Verizon Central Office, which means I’m NOT SHARING bandwidth with my neighbors. I’m only sharing with the other computers on my home network. I get the full bandwidth (30 Mbps downstream and 5 Mbps upstream) of my subscription when I test at

    The speed of the Verizon FiOS service is fantastic. It was installed in less than three hours and I had my wireless network up within minutes after that. In sixty days, not one piece of spam has hit my inbox. And there has not been one minute of downtime.

    If it’s available to you, get it. You will not be disappointed. I can’t wait for the Verizon TV service, then I’ll be Comcast-free!

  10. Jim Bacon Avatar

    I’m sold. I gotta have it. Verizon, please, please, please come to my neighborhood in Henrico County!

  11. Anything_but_Comcast Avatar

    Yes, FIOS PLEASE!. My service has been intermittent since the 18th of January. It is now Feb 3rd. I have sent Comcast multiple ping traces. Many of these traces show upstream, Comcast mantained networking equipment returning “network destination unreachable messeges”. A technitian has been scheduled to show up at my hose. After 3 no-shows a 4th visit has now been scheduled. At one point Comcast did admit there was a general problem but I recieved a recorded message that it had been “fixed”.

    I would probably need a Doctoral level education in English to come up with the words to properly describe just how AWFUL Comcast service is. Soviet era factory workers cared more about their work and customers.

    The only reliable internet connection at my house is my Verizion blackberry

  12. Anonymous Avatar

    I am a Verizon Rep for Virginia and Maryland. I will gladly check your addresses and keep you up to date about FiOS availabilty in your neighborhood: if you want. Just email me at:

    I will be glad to assist you!!

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