“Anti-tax PAC Targets GOP Delegates”

The Richmond Times-Dispatch ran an article this morning about R. Jerry Parker Jr., the man who is bankrolling the Virginia Conservative Action PAC. VCAP has donated $10,000 to $25,000 to each of the six Republican primary challengers to incumbents who voted in favor of last year’s $1.4 billion tax increase. Parker has personally contributed $212,000 to VCAP this year — 85 percent of the money collected. Founder and CEO of Chesapeake Capital Corp. in Henrico County, a $1.6 billion hedge fund, Parker hired Republican activist Robin DeJarnette to run the PAC. Sayeth the T-D:

Parker contends the tax increases were unnecessary, pointing to the eventual $1 billion surplus and an improving economy. “I’d like to play offense and say we need to reduce taxes,” he said. “We can’t even get there. We can’t even convince Republicans to hold the line.”

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(comments below)


  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Spend Jerry spend. The delegate boys will be defeated. Next time check for
    skeletons in candidate’s closets and their grassroots support in their community of their choice before opening the checkbook. Bolling and McDonnell will
    win because they effectively want the
    GOP to win in November against the Democrats.

  2. Laszlo Avatar

    The Virginia Republican Party. How many do we have in Virginia now? I see at least three. Are there more out there?

  3. Mitch Cumstein Avatar
    Mitch Cumstein


    A Bolling win in the primary helps the Democrats in November. He is a liability to the overall GOP ticket and brings nothing to the table geographically. The Dems are champing at the bit to see Bolling on the ticket. They know they can’t beat Connaughton.

  4. James Atticus Bowden Avatar
    James Atticus Bowden

    I contribute to VCAP. Compare VCAP’s spending to the money the pro-tax groups (what are their names?) give to the tax and spend Republicans. The apostate Republicans worry about the few candidates that were willing to run against the real power and money – including elected Republican public officials who are for all incumbents all the time – enough to raise a lot more money than VCAP has.

    You may notice that Democrats and Republicans are running as conservative tax cutters for state-wide offices.

    So, if all six candidates lose this time, then maybe we can find more 2 years from now to run in the primaries. Sooner or later, the Conservatives will win.

  5. Mitch: It’s Leadership for Virginia PAC. And, despite what you think of their politics, these are GOOD PEOPLE. Jim Ukrop, for example.

  6. Mitch Cumstein Avatar
    Mitch Cumstein


    If you review the content of my previous comments, I think you’ll find that I’m very much against the VCAP agenda and support the Leadership for Virginia folks. And, of course, I despise RINO hunters of all ilks.

  7. James Atticus Bowden Avatar
    James Atticus Bowden

    Mitch despises RINO hunters. As a certified RINO killer who helped throw out the second incumbent in a primary since Reconstruction in 01, I am honored to be the object of his hate.

    I don’t hate anyone. No person, not even the boogy man of this generation – Saddam Hussein, or anyone else.

    Yet, I oppose good people, like Mr. Ukrop one supposes, based on principles. Like the principle that their taxes punish The Good People of Virginia and don’t promote the common wealth.

    Always good to know your audience. And your political enemies. I don’t know who Mitch Cumstein really is, but I know his heart and it hates me and what I believe. Thanks for the information.

  8. Oh crap. I remember now, you’re the moderate Republican who likes Chichester as much as I do. My memory is short.

    Atticus: Mr. Ukrop is a pretty big conservative. He doesn’t sell alcohol. He’s not open on Sunday. He’s a moralist if I’ve ever met one. He’s even anti-union.

    But he believes deep in his heart that Virginia a rich state that’s taking an Alabama attitude toward infrastructure investment. He cares about the community and for no other reason devotes himself to it’s betterment.

  9. James Atticus Bowden Avatar
    James Atticus Bowden

    Paul:I don’t know Ukrop. Love his store in Williamsburg. He could be Edmund Burke for the 21st Century and nice to children and dogs. I disagree with his judgement on the unnecessary tax increase last year – especially with a poor-punishing regressive sales tax increase. Nothing personal, just politics that actually matter – like tax policy.

  10. Phil Rodokanakis Avatar
    Phil Rodokanakis

    Mitch: If you despise RINO Hunters as you say, it looks like you’re going to be in for some rough times, if the lawsuit filed to close primary elections succeeds. I suggest you read my column “RINO Hunting” in this edition of Bacon’s Rebellion at:

    You may have to take out some RINO insurance in the very near future.

  11. Wahoo Paul Avatar
    Wahoo Paul

    Do you really think the poor were punished by last year’s budget? Sure, the sales tax is regressive. But raising the personal exemption meant that an extra $2000 of a poor person’s salary wasn’t taxable. Over all, I think the poor (see: me) faired fine.

  12. Mitch Cumstein Avatar
    Mitch Cumstein

    Mr. Bowden obviously took my statement a bit further than I intended. I don’t hate these individuals, I merely strenuously oppose the concept of RINO hunting. I don’t think that the Republican party, or any party for that matter, will ever reach the point that it can so arrogantly and viciously attempt to cull its heard of the more pragmatic elements without eventually losing its strength and viability. No, Mr. Bowden, you do not see into my heart. But I will share with you that I am a moderate Republican who supports candidates with the leadership qualities I value and that agree with my views on the majority of the important issues. I do not agree with every plank of the Republican platform, particularly as it continues to make a hard right turn. But I strongly object to the idea that the fact that I’m not as conservative as some that I’m not a good Republican. And, as long as my compatriots and I continue to vote Republican, you need us.

    Paul: I don’t ever remember mentioning Chichester in any of my previous comments. In truth, I’m fairly indifferent where he’s concerned.

    Phil: I had read your article and am not necessarily opposed to the concept of party registration. In the abstract, I don’t believe that Democrats should have the right to vote in Republican primaries and vice versa. If this does change, it will be interesting to see what affect this has on the nature of our parties. Many in the middle may not wish to register Rep. or Dem., which potentially leaves them out. If the major parties continue to move in such opposite directions from the mainstream and attempt to force the average voter to pick a side, I’m not sure where that leaves us in the end.

  13. James Atticus Bowden Avatar
    James Atticus Bowden

    Wahoo Paul: Let’s run the numbers. Maybe I am wrong for overall tax burden. At what salary did the exemption kick in? What about the people below that level – who still paid more in sales taxes? I’d love to see all the numbers. If I am wrong, then I am wrong.

    A person or family spending $1000.00 a month in taxable purchases had a $5 @ month increase. Doesn’t seem like much, but at what income level is $5 the difference between making to the next pay day or not?

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