And Now for Some Good News…

Virginia’s legal system ranks the 4th best in the nation, according to a survey conducted by the Institute for Legal Reform, an organization founded by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to address the country’s litigation explosion. “Best,” in this context means “business friendly.”

Virginia trails only Delaware, Nebraska and North Dakota — and it’s the best in the South by a long shot. The second best Southern state, North Carolina, ranks 20th, while the bottom four slots are reserved for Louisiana, Alabama, West Virginia and, the worst, Mississippi.

The Institute study was based on a survey of over 1,400 practicing corporate attorneys and general counsels who answered a comprehensive battery of questions. The Institute argues that business-unfriendly legal systems discourage investment and hurt local economies. “Companies dont want to do business in states where the courts are perceived to be unfair. People living in low-ranking states are losing out on jobs, tax revenue and other economic development opportunities fueled by business.”

The disappointing news for Virginia: Our No. 4 spot represents a decline from a No. 3 ranking last year.

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4 responses to “And Now for Some Good News…”

  1. Steve Haner Avatar
    Steve Haner

    We’ve been as high as second and as low as eighth in recent years. When it got to eighth we at the chamber started agitating for “reform”, but really we dropped because of an error in the survey that year.

    The downside of this is that is the single strongest argument put forward by the plaintiff’s bar that there is no need to change anything about Virginia’s tort system. It is the first thing brought up when bills are proposed to allow summary judgement based on depositions, to put a cap on non-economic damages (like we have on punative damages), limit contingency fees, etc. There was a good change made last year in the medical malpractice area — requiring expert testimony in support of a claim before it is filed in court. I will also say that Virginia’s plaintiff’s bar is probably more reasonable to deal with then their counterparts in other states.

  2. valley iconoclast Avatar
    valley iconoclast

    The title of this post should be, Virginia Fourth Worse State In Which To Be Injured. Asking corporate attorneys to assess a legal systems fairness is like asking Fox News to assess their fairness.

    I am not sure what Virginia could do to be more business friendly otherthan banning lawsuits altogether, which is the goal of the business and insurance lobby.

    Funny how we trust juries to decide whether someone should live or die, but don’t want to trust them when it comes to fairly compensating victims.

  3. spankthatdonkey Avatar

    Wow!!! Vioxx lawsuit causes how many workers to be laid off??? GM close to bankruptcy because unions have “saddled” the company with how much in “tail end employee benefits” (retirement entitlements)

    The left, Valley Iconoclast is running this nation into the ditch known as modern day Europe…..

    Any wonder why their growth rates are far behind the USA??? Rioting by an underclass held down by an aristocratic socialist stratus system seem worthy of note by you???

    How about protesting the real “plight” of humans in the current “europeon model, or order”

    Oh and let me guess… “Free Tibet, not Iraq”…. Halliburton, “W” lied….

  4. valley iconoclast Avatar
    valley iconoclast

    Actually, most analysts place the blame of Mercks woes on the fact that there largest selling drug is losing its patent and that Mercks pipeline of new drugs is pathetic. Even in worse case scenerios vioxx lawsuits would end with Merck having made a profit on its sale.

    The benefits issue is one of simple fairness, working for a company that promises you deferred compensation and then backs out with no penalty is like working all week and not getting your paycheck. This isn’t a “European Socialism” thing it is a free market thing. That is what a contract is, promise to pay for a promise to work. Worker’s fulfilled their promise but the federal government is allowing companies to break theirs, all the while making sure that CEO deffered compensation is paid.

    Please get your facts straight.

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