And a Happy Unpacking-and-Repacking Season to You!

Once again, Times-Dispatch columnist Bart Hinkle proves himself to be an acute observer of the human condition. Today he writes:

The Hinkle household is a blended one, which is to say that half the management is male and the other is female. This usually works out fine until around Christmas, when certain politically incorrect gender stereotypes exert themselves.

At the time of the merger several years ago, the male half’s holiday décor consisted of whatever Christmas cards came in the mail. Pick out a festive one, tape it to the front door, and voila! — you’re done. The female half of the enterprise came with several large storage tubs filled with tree trimmings, lights, stockings, garlands, advent calendars, ribbons, bows, wreaths and so on. This admittedly amps up the holiday atmosphere by several notches, but somebody has to haul it all out and put it all up. So the male half of the household hauls it out and then waits for instructions.

That is exactly the way it works in the Bacon household. Bart left out only one thing. When Christmas is over, the work isn’t. Holiday detritus must be taken down, put back in boxes and hauled back to the attic.

As a consequence, I’ll be out of action for a few days. Aside from the unpacking and repacking of Christmas decorations, the Bacons will be traveling hither and yon,visiting with relatives, eating a lot of food, drinking a lot of eggnog, cleaning a whole mess of dishes and taking long snoozes. I will return to Bacon’s Rebellion as soon as humanly possible.

Happy holidays to all!


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4 responses to “And a Happy Unpacking-and-Repacking Season to You!”

  1. William Fralin Avatar
    William Fralin

    Jim, Happy Holidays. Just wanted to thank you and all the contributors. I think you add more to the Commonwealth’s policy dialog than you even know! Here is to another year.

  2. to all – safe and happy holidays!

    and a challenge…. who will receive the most useless gift and be willing to tell about it?


  3. Peter Galuszka Avatar
    Peter Galuszka

    So what’s your solution, Bacon? Get rid of all the women so we an enjoy it our way? Does your family know?

  4. Andrea Epps Avatar
    Andrea Epps

    I’ll take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe and happy Holiday, and a prosperous and content New Year! ๐Ÿ™‚

    But because my family consists of my two kids, my mom and myself, all I do is put some silver bows on a 3 foot tree and call it a day! Simple as can be. But I also prefer power tools to kitchen equipment. I fix cars and anything else that breaks, so maybe I am not a normal woman. (Everyone I know reminds me how un-normal I am, and I take it as a compliment)

    I’ll accept Larry’s challenge, too. It won’t be a problem in this house.

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