Almost Heaven, Pets Virginia

Source: WalletHub

Some WalletHub brain candy for readers while I’m on vacation and the excessive consumption of Margaritas inhibits serious blogging…

The city of Richmond ranks 5th best city in the country for pet lovers based on metrics pertaining to the cost and availability of veterinary care, the percentage of pet-friendly hotels, the number of pet meetup groups, the number of dog parks and the number of animal shelters, among other criteria.

The Bacon family’s two cats could vouch for the findings. They live the life of Riley…. although, I do confess, we left the little loafers behind when we came to the beach.

Norfolk (53rd) garners a middling score for pets, while Washington (62nd), Chesapeake (70th) and Virginia Beach (71st) are less hospital to our furry friends. In case you’re curious, Cincinatti is kitty and doggy heaven at No. 1, and Newark is kitty and doggy hell at No. 100.


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  1. Les Schreiber Avatar
    Les Schreiber

    Tony T Westie is America’s most spoiled dog. His only problem with Richmond is the heat. His ancestors in Scotland did not prepare him for summer in the South.

    1. Tony is spoiled rotten. But he is as cute as they come.

  2. Oh, that headline!

    Are you considering joining the New York Post, Mr. Bacon?

    Even if so, you’ll never top the headline from the Post when Rep. Weiner tried to explain why, for a second or third time, he had been found emailing photos of his ___ to potential women admirers…

    “Just another schlong and dance.”

    1. I salute the New York Post as masters of the headline. … But, then, look at the material they have to work with!

  3. LarrytheG Avatar

    GOOD LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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