You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!

So… My wife was out of town Friday night, and I was doing my wonky thing, poking through the Virginia State Police 2017 Crime Report, when I came across a breakdown of criminal offenses by gender. I’ll ignore the VSP’s retrograde oversight in classifying offenders by only two genders — male and female, as if the criminal population were devoid of transgenders — and I’ll focus on the implications of my findings for a recent ACLU of Virginia study, which found that, although 85% of prisoners are male, Virginia prisons still inflict “widespread and discriminatory suffering” upon women.

The problem, you see, is that the number of women in prison has been increasing at a faster rate than that of men. Here’s what the ACLU had to say:

Women composed 15.3% of the average daily population in Virginia’s local and regional jails in 2014, about one percent higher than the percentage of women incarcerated in local jails nationally. This represents a 32% increase between 2010 and 2014—more than double the national increase during the same time period. In contrast, the average number of men inmates only increased about 4% between 2010 and 2014.

As I was poking around the Virginia State Police crime data and recalling this particular piece of ACLU literature, I couldn’t help but notice that women had committed more than 15% of the crimes. Indeed, check the chart above and do the arithmetic yourself. Women committed 29.4% of the crimes in 2017! That hardly looks like a system that inflicts discriminatory suffering upon women.

Admittedly, petty crimes like shoplifting, where women commit a majority of offenses, hardly equate with violent crimes like murder, sexual assault, and aggravated assault, which carry longer prison sentences. Given the male propensity for violent crime, it’s no surprise that more men are locked in the hoosegow than than women.

Still, I knew the way victim-mongering research works. Social justice warriors rummage through the statistics until they find some kind of disparity in the numbers. Voila, instant injustice! So, I decided to check the numbers myself. I plotted the percentage of “violent crimes” — the crimes with longer prison sentences — committed by women between 2000 and 2017. Here are the results:

You can see that the years picked by the ACLU for basis of comparison — 2010 to 2014 — coincided with an eight-year surge in female criminality in Virginia between 2008 and 2016. The reason there was a higher percentage of women in prison, I would suggest, is that there was a higher percentage of women convicted of violent crimes!

Here’s another way of looking at the data:

The number of violent crimes committed by men trended down strongly between 2000 and 2015, while for women, the number remained fairly constant. Those trend-lines explain the disparity.

Bacon’s bottom line: Never take a social-justice study at face value. Always scrutinize the numbers. Always look for missing context. Virginia’s criminal justice system undoubtedly has its flaws, but it is not the engine of discrimination and oppression that social-justice zealots would have you believe.

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9 responses to “You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!”

  1. LarrytheG Avatar

    The State Police provide dry statistics. The ACLU attempts, probably not without some bias, to get to the circumstances of those imprisoned.

    ” Reasons Women are Incarcerated”:

    Women incarcerated in the U.S. tend to be young, unmarried, plagued by poverty, and lacking in education and job skills.

    More than half of all women in U.S. prisons, and 80% of all women in jails, are mothers.

    Three of the four primary crimes for which women are incarcerated in Virginia – drug possession and distribution, larceny, and shoplifting – are often economically motivated and committed to support drug dependencies.
    These offenses are typically a consequence of circumstances – lack of access to employment, family stability, drug treatment, and protection from sexual and physical abuse. ”

    So we’d not get these insights from the Virginia State Police and we’d probably not get them at all unless some “social justice warrior” organization went through the data and published it.

    So.. yeah women do crime but most of it not violence towards others – like we see with the guys… and a lot of it … arising out of generational poverty and never getting a decent education… Oh.. and I’m sure Bacon will blame that on those guys who are “discipline problems” who prevented those gals from getting a good education… right?

    1. I’ve got a question for you, Larry. Society is coming around to the view that it’s a bad thing to incarcerate men and women for simple possession of drugs, a victimless crime. There is a good likelihood that marijuana possession will be de-criminalized. But you say that crimes like larceny and shoplifting are “often economically motivated and committed to support drug dependency.” Are you suggesting that we de-criminalize larceny and shoplifting, too?

    2. Now Jim, larceny and shoplifting may be economic crimes but they are not victimless. And there is quite a difference between the addiction, dysfunction and compulsion to steal associated with marijuana and that with heroin and prescription painkillers. A very different sort of “drug dependency.”

  2. NorrhsideDude Avatar

    It is frequently cited that crime statistics indicate the presence of systemic racism. Are we to believe the same statistics indicate systemic misandry?

  3. Reed Fawell 3rd Avatar
    Reed Fawell 3rd

    “systemic misandry” Wow!!!

    NorrhsideDude, that’s an uptown word you’re tossing out. Ya sent me scrambling to the dictionary, Dude. And its a piece of genius, too, the perfect word fitting just right for the scam at hand. Great analysis. Systemic misandry explains most everything odd on Jimbo’s chart.

    Like look at those female sky-high “embezzlement” numbers, Dude! Who do ya think are the ones getting embezzled by the chicks? Boys or other girls?

    How ’bout them “simple assault’ stats. Who’s on the victim end of that chick crime, ya think. Boys or other girls?

    And how ’bout them “Assisting or promoting prostitution.” Who’s getting hit on there with them sky high crime numbers?

    Now, seeing all these new statistics out of the blue, what puzzles me most now is I thought women always told the truth every time. That never ever did women not tell the absolute truth to each and all of us all the time, no matter what, so help me God. Now, I am lost at sea, don’t know what to think. Like what’s going on?


    All I can figure now is maybe these way high female crime numbers come just from people born to look like men when naked who identify now as women, so are women. But wait, why should that make any difference? Biology has not nothing to do with any of this, right? And, given that truth, then this whole ACLU Social justice warriors rigamarole about boys mistreating girls is yet an post-modern shake-down racket scam, right? Gotta be right, we are all the same, right? Except how we identify ourselves as to who we are from minute to minute each and every day. So all these charts mean nothing, except for those using them a weapons against other people who think they are different, but aren’t. Because its all in your head, except what you think others did bad to you.

  4. TooManyTaxes Avatar

    You think that maybe women are committing more crimes than they used to do? Perhaps, the changes in the roles of men and women in society, which to me have been generally positive, might have also lessened society’s reluctance to incarcerate women convicted of crimes. Change begets more change.

    The ACLU is as credible as the editorial writers from the Post.

    And, YES, it’s probably always been the case that people who commit crimes are often have less education, skills, intelligence, etc. So why should we think it should be different between men and women?

    1. Reed Fawell 3rd Avatar
      Reed Fawell 3rd

      My belief is that women, while often like men subject to abuse in lawless, sick cultures, including our own today, were and are still on average far more powerful than men in all healthy societies, and that its always been that way, and always will be. Its in our natures, and the healthy cultures we build. And it is plain to see all around us, everyday, everywhere.

      Paradoxically, these new cultural shifts today are stripping women of their power. And they are doing the same to many men too, all in the name of “protecting” them, while doing precisely the reverse, turning them into victims so as to strip them of their power.

  5. NorrhsideDude Avatar

    And if you look at who the police shoot it even increases the demonstration that systemic misandry must be out on the table for dsicussion. We are to believe that gender is fluid and a societal construct. So why are those identifying as male being prosecuted and shot at these statistically significant elevated numbers if not for systemic misandry? Of course this is bull, we all know dudes are POSs at statistically significant increased rates. But it goes to show we can all use statistics to promote dumb points.

  6. Reed Fawell 3rd Avatar
    Reed Fawell 3rd

    There you go again, Dude, right smack damn on the money!

    Plus, in addition to all that:

    When you add up all us guys getting shot by the police and struck in the slammer by all them female jurors and wardens, and add to it all of us guys that are getting embezzled, assaulted, and fooled and tinkered with by them prostitutes, all of them run by women, including those women born looking like men, but who now are self-declared women, well when all that harm that these damn women are doing to use guys these days, why us men are getting bloody overrun, victims of rampant systemic misandry!

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