Webinar: How Policy Tilts the Land Use and Development Market


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In this webinar we will identify and discuss key policies such as land-use regulations and infrastructure investments that shape the location and type of development that we see in our communities. These policies impact the decisions we make about where to live, shop, and work. Ultimately, they determine the range of choices we have about where we put down roots and how we live our lives.

John Lavey, Land Use Planner at the Sonoran Institute, will kick off the webinar with a discussion of the recent blog series, “A Brief History of Your Neighborhood: Seven Key Forces that Tilt the Playing Field In Favor of Sprawl.” He will be joined by James Bacon, author of the “Bacon’s Rebellion” blog, and Mark Runkle, a real estate developer in Helena, Montana. Be sure to join us for a lively discussion!

Eligible for 1.5 AICP CM credits, Pending APA Approval

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