Tragedy on Interstate 95

Southbound traffic on Interstate 95 near the Thornsburg exit was disrupted yesterday when several pigs wandered into traffic. Several of the animals were injured. It is heartening to hear that numerous motorists stopped to render aid to the suffering creatures.

It’s one thing to see deer roadkill. Deer are a menace to society. Pigs are intelligent beings deserving of human empathy and compassion. Read the story here. — JAB

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  1. well… chances are these guys were headed for this – intelligent or not:

  2. “Pigs are intelligent beings…”

    Then why did they wander into traffic?


  3. If god didn’t want people to eat pigs then he shouldn’t have made them out of bacon.

    Reporter interviewing a farmer saved from a house fire when his pig raised a holler: “And you say the pig’s sqealing woke you and your wife?”

    “Uh yep, probably woulda died if ol’ Susie hadn’t raised such a ruckus.”

    “I couldn’t help but notice she’s only got three legs. Did that happen in the fire?”

    “Nope. But when ya got a pig that smart, ya eat ‘er a little at a time.”

  4. Deer are also known as “Forest Rats”

  5. James Wyatt Whitehead V

    Well if those little piggies keep heading south they will find a welcome home at the P and G BBQ Restaurant in Disputanta. My they do have one of the best sliced BBQ platters I have ever had.

  6. here too:

  7. Or here… they own ’em

  8. Jim. Your blog posting reeks of self interest and conflict of interest.

  9. Typical Virginia politics

  10. It may be a sin to eat pigs, given how intelligent they are compared to most creatures. But I can’t help it, given how tasty bacon is. Bacon makes everything better.

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