Time to Bring Back the Blue Books?

by James A. Bacon

It’s hard to know how much credence to give to trend data extrapolated from online search queries. But if we imbue the findings of software firm Tiny Wow with any significance, one recent search trend is worrisome indeed.

Tiny Wow analyzed Google Trends for the search queries “essay writer,”  “essay ai writer,” and “chatgpt essay.” Among the 50 states, Virginia ranked 6th in the interest Googlers showed in using artificial intelligence essay-writing software.

“According to these findings, there is a clear interest in students looking to AI for essay help in the U.S.,” said a Tiny Wow spokesperson.

The essay writing abilities of AI software are becoming so efficient, comprehensive, and coherent that students across the world could be utilizing this to do their homework for them. The worry from educators is that ChatGPT and other AI software could harm student learning.  Students attempting to utilize this artificial intelligence are not only undermining the integrity of their education, but they are breaking the rules.

If new AI technology can evade anti-plagiarism software, opined the Tiny Wow spokesperson, “then pen-and-paper exams and coursework may be the future for students.”