The Best Cities for Cat Lovers

by James A. Bacon

Now it’s time for some clickbait — a ranking of the Best Cities for Cat Lovers based on a methodology of dubious merit from Lawnstarter. The compilers derived their ranking from eleven metrics ranging from the number of pet-friendly hotels, animal shelters, pet stores, and veterinarians per 100,000 residents to the median per-visit cat sitter rate.

The best city for cats in the United States is Orlando, Fla. The worst, among 200 cities surveyed, was New York.

If you want to how Virginia cities scored, you’re just going to have to click to finish reading this post!

Richmond — 14
Newport News — 31
Arlington — 47
Alexandria — 57
Norfolk — 86
Chesapeake — 94
Virginia Beach — 146

I live in a house where two cats have taken residence. Coercing my wife and me with their cuddliness, they are waited on hand and foot. If the Bacon household is representative, Richmond truly deserves a high ranking.

As for Virginia Beach… What do they have against cats? Is VB some kind of dog paradise?