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New Praxis Circle Contributor: Jim Bacon

Praxis Circle is a community building worldviews to renew free society. We do this primarily through our online content and interviews of expert thought leaders on worldview topics. Today, we are thrilled to welcome as our newest Contributor a very familiar person to all regular Bacon’s Rebellion readers—founder, editor, and publisher James A. Bacon himself!

What to say about Jim? At his core, he is a dedicated Virginian. Jim graduated from the University of Virginia, obtained a masters at John Hopkins University, and promptly began his journalism career in southwest Virginia. He eventually settled in Richmond as editor of Virginia Business magazine where he became the editor-in-chief as well as its publisher.

After feeling bureaucratically stifled while witnessing the internet’s revolutionary explosion of news & opinion, Jim started Bacon’s Rebellion in 2002 as an email newsletter. It has since developed into a highly regarded online news portal and is consumed by thousands of Virginians as their primary source for state and local news as well as balanced editorial opinion.

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