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Another Way to Crunch the SOL Numbers…

For simplicity’s sake in recent posts about the 2021-22 Standards of Learning (SOL) results, I’ve used the pass rates for English reading tests as a proxy for all five subjects, including English writing, math, science, and history. Perhaps a better way to rate the performance of Virginia school districts would be to compute a composite score of all five. Bacon’s Rebellion correspondent Jim Weigand has done so, and I publish the results here.

The table above shows the 12 school districts with the top composite scores — highest possible pass rate of 500 — and the 12 districts with the lowest composite scores. Click on the “Continue reading” link to see the scores for all school districts. Continue reading

Can We Learn from the Lexington Outlier?

We can learn a lot from outliers. They draw attention to variables and correlations we may not have considered before. In researching the previous post, I came across this anomaly: in the City of Lexington, economically disadvantaged Blacks passed their Standards of Learning reading tests at a higher rate (83.3%) than Blacks who were not economically disadvantaged (69.2%).

This makes no sense. The conventional wisdom says that affluent students enjoy a huge educational edge over disadvantaged students. What’s going on? Continue reading