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Suparna Dutta: Ilhan Omar is ‘Completely Unaware’

Suparna Gutta
Photo credit: Education News

by Asra Q. Nomani

Awakening in the darkness of the predawn, brave Virginia mother Suparna Dutta spoke out on Fox and Friends First, challenging not only the hegemony of Democratic power over parents in Virginia but also the nation, as she fired back on not only Virginia Democrats who attacked her with the “white supremacist” smear but also Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar, who tried to gaslight parents this week in the U.S. Congress.

Omar claimed in a congressional committee hearing she was “unaware” of school boards ignoring parents. Suparna fired back and said Omar is a “completely unaware” politician if she hasn’t see the evidence in school districts around the country of parents treated “like dirt.”

This is Omar’s first serious emergence in the debate over parental rights and reveals how the Woke Army of Islamists working with leftists is going to see cracks in their ranks if they keep trying to sideline parents.

Are Omar’s Islamist supporters going to accept schools keeping secrets from them about their children’s pronouns? You can bet the answer is no.

In fact, Omar needs look no further than her own state and her own congressional district where Muslim parents with immigrant backgrounds from Lebanon, Egypt, Sudan, her native Somalia and elsewhere are demanding their rights at fiery school board meetings. One parent is Shukri Abdrirahman @ShuForCongress, a religiously conservative Muslim immigrant mother from Somalia in Minnesota, who opposes the new age-inappropriate sexual books being taught in schools. Shukri ran as a Republican against Omar and she is building awareness now in Minnesota among her Somali-American community over how the alliance of Muslims with Democrats — embodied in people like Omar — ignores the values of parental rights sacred in immigrant communities. Stay tuned for more on Shukri’s efforts.

Watch Suparna’s interview with ToddPiro@ToddPiro to see that the Woke Army may have won a vote to oust Suparna from the Virginia Board of Education but they have just empowered a mother to fight even harder against their tyranny.

Parents around the world are cheering you, Suparna! Send her a note of support if you’d like to at coalitionfortj@gmail.com.

This column is republished with permission from Asra Investigates