I know I know… I’m a slacker. I take a full week’s vacation every year. Sometimes two weeks. The Bacon family is heading Saturday to Litchfield Beach, S.C. Nothing fancy. Just an old-fashioned beach vacation. I’ll be checking in every so often, and I may make a couple of quick-and-dirty blog posts. Henrico County meals taxers and North South Corridor boosters can rest easy. I’ll be counting on the rest of the Bacon’s Rebellion crew to keep Virginians entertained.


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3 responses to “Summer Doldrums”

  1. Have a good trip! Please report on the “grid streets” and “walkability” and forms-based zoning of the place you go to. 😉

  2. DJRippert Avatar

    Ken Cuccinelli called the Baconsrebellion hotline. Since you are on vacation the call was automatically transferred to me. Ken says he’s as disappointed in your decision to vacation in South Carolina as he is disappointed in Greentech’s decision to locate in Mississippi. He said that you’ll no longer be receiving complimentary Anabloc packages and you’d better hope that you don’t find any natural gas under your Henrico County estate.

    Sorry, Jim – I am just the messenger here.

    Have fun in SoCa. Get some Frogmere Stew.

  3. Peter Galuszka Avatar
    Peter Galuszka

    DJR has a point here,Jim.

    Are Virginia beaches not good enough for you?

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