Stop Walking on Eggshells

R.K. Rowling

by Kerry Dougherty

A new study from the libertarian CATO institute supports something I’ve believed for a long time, which – let’s be honest – is why I’m sharing it with you.

It found that the cancel culture is stifling speech. The result: A growing number of Americans on both sides of the political divide and all races and ethnicities are afraid to share their political opinions.

“There have been shifts across the board, where more people among all political groups feel they are walking on eggshells,” the CATO survey found, adding, “majorities of Democrats (52%), independents (59%) and Republicans (77%) who all agree they have political opinions they are afraid to share.­­”

There is only one group that feel free to bloviate freely. Care to guess which?

If you said extreme liberals, you’d be right. The far left is anything but shy.

“Strong liberals stand out, however, as the only political group who feel they can express themselves. Nearly 6 in 10 (58%) of staunch liberals feel they can say what they believe,” the CATO survey found.

These are the bullies who have been collecting the scalps of conservative CEOs, actors, journalists and other public figures who dared to support traditional values, said something that could be conveniently misconstrued or who questioned the left’s orthodoxy.

We saw this recently at The New York Times where editorial page editor James Bennet was forced to resign after he dared to publish an op-ed by Sen. Tom Cotton that defended the use of federal forces to quell domestic disturbances.

About 1,000 social justice warriors on the payroll of The Times expressed their fury over Cotton’s piece and that ended the editor’s career. Groveling apologies from a journalist who should have had the courage to defend the free exchange of ideas was not enough.

Likewise, Stan Wischnowski, executive editor at The Philadelphia Inquirer resigned last month after that newspaper published a headline that read, “Buildings Matter Too.”

Yup, those three words ended his 20-year career.

It’s not just in the U.S., either.

Look what’s been happening to Britain’s J.K Rowling, for instance. The author of the hugely successful Harry Potter series is the target of leftist groups on both sides of the Atlantic.


She dared question whether men could menstruate. Here’s an account of her transgression, from

“Rowling mocked a charity that used the phrase ‘people who menstruate’ instead of women, Tweeting:

“There used to be a word for those people. Someone help me out. Wumben? Wimpund? Woomud?”

That further incensed the mob. It claimed her “hate…leads to trans women, especially teens and black trans women, becoming victims of sexual assault.”

But Rowling is the rare person popular enough to be able to resist the mob. Her publisher spoke up for her, saying, ‘Freedom of speech is the cornerstone of publishing.’

Of course, it’s worth noting that a number of workers at Hatchette, the UK company that publishes Rowling’s books, are refusing to work on her next novel.

No word on whether these spoiled brats are still employed. I suspect they are.

If “staunch liberals” can voice their opinions without fear of retribution, so should everyone else.

We did see someone stand up to the idiots on the left last week when the CEO of Goya Foods, Bob Unanue who is of Spanish descent, met with the president during a White House event for Hispanics.

“We’re all truly blessed at the same time to have a leader like President Trump, who is a builder,” said Unanue at the time.

How dare he!

Praising Trump is completely unacceptable to the alt-left and reactionaries like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and former presidential candidate Julian Castro immediately called for a boycott of Goya products.

Yep, they want to bankrupt a company and ruin a man’s life over a few nice words about the president of the United States.

To his credit, Unanue refused to back down.

“So, you’re allowed to talk good or to praise one president, but you’re not allowed to aid in economic and educational prosperity?” Unanue asked, noting that he’d also met with Barack Obama when he was in the White House and complimented him as well. “And you make a positive comment and all of a sudden, it is not acceptable?”

Fox News reported that “Unanue said he is not apologizing for his remarks supporting Trump’s economic policy and would not turn down other future invitations.”

If America is ever going to stand up to the cancel culture radicals, it’s going to need many more Bob Unanues.

We all need to stop walking on eggshells.

This column is republished with permission from Kerry: Unemployed & Unedited.

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23 responses to “Stop Walking on Eggshells

  1. I think the only issue is that they aren’t “Liberals” by any definition of the word. At the very root of that ideology is Liberty, which encourages the free exchange of ideas. They are also not “Progressives” as that was coined by FPOTUS T. Roosevelt with the Bull Moose Party.

    Just like those on the far right aren’t what they are labeled to be, both parties are the opposite side of the anarchist coin. Both extremes seek to have an oligarchy, which is why people must walk on eggshells.

  2. I agree with Kerry that it is troublesome that most people are reluctant to express their views. And I also agree that the ideologues on the left have gone too far in their quest for purity and are being petty.

    It is interesting that she is upset over the call to boycott Goya. Was she that upset when Trump called for a boycott of the NFL or when conservatives called for a boycott of Netflix because of the deal with Obama? It cuts both ways.

    Furthermore, the radical left are not the only ones who feel free to speak their mind. The radical right has no compunction in this area.

    • Boycotts in general are pointless, they only people who end up hurt are the low level employee’s. They are the ones who feel the pain, if any is inflicted. You’re right Dick, both extremes are very vocal and should be muzzled. They do nothing to provide unity or further our Nation as a whole. They only seek to divide and denounce those who aren’t as “pure” as they are.

      • “Boycotts in general are pointless.”

        That is dead wrong. Boycotts and the threat of them against large commercial industries and organizations is the tactic that keeps leftist activist groups flush with cash and political power from China to National football. Al Sharpton’s refined this extortion to an art form.

        • They keep activist groups flush with cash, but they aren’t hurting the parents corporate powers. They only hurt the lower worker, which they claim to champion (only when it suits their desires).

          • Reed Fawell 3rd

            I agree but with one further refinement. When the boycott power rests in wrong hands, the money paid taints, even can poison, those handing over money then paid by reason of the left’s shakedown. Plus their money often goes to poison society, injecting hate, division, and anxiety into it, pitting group against group, until final society’s collapse, as is happening now.

          • Totally agree with RF. Left or right, when speaking out for only personal gain is divisive.

          • Dick Hall-Sizemore

            Reed, do your comments apply to the American Family Association, which called for a boycott of Target; Fox News, which called for boycotts of Nike and Walmart; or Breitbart, which called for a boycott of the the Kellogg Co.? Of course, conservatives do not really need organizations to lead boycotts, they have the President, who is constantly calling for boycotts of companies that displease him.

          • Reed Fawell 3rd


    • Wait, what are we doing here?

      Dean Wortmier

    • I didn’t understand Kerry to be complaining about a boycott as much as praising Mr. Unanue for standing up to the idiots. On one level, Goya is reasonably non-boycottable. They have their own independent distribution network that does not rely on outsiders. They were able to deliver goods when Amazon and others could not. They have a fiercely loyal customer base. They have a distinct and targeted product line for just about every Hispanic food culture. They have 2500 products for those cultures that are considered very authentic by their customers.

      Most importantly, perhaps, they all appear to have their heads screwed on straight. Until very recently, Mr. Unanue’s son Bobbie, mentioned in last Saturday’s WSJ Weekend Interview, lived next door to us, and I got to know him. I have to say he is a credit to the up and coming generation. If our 30+ generation were all like him, our country would be in very good shape indeed. A very squared away and with it individual. He obviously has had very good parents inculcating him with solid values about people and how they are to be treated. As a result, his company will continue to be successful. He texted that their sales shot up after the boycott announcement. Boycott, Schmoycott. 😉

  3. If I may, Jim, I’m reposting this from an earlier thread, as it’s probably a better fit here.

    The only thing Trump is accumulating are people with poor political instincts — speaking in terms both the voter base and the staffers. The former, by and large, just don’t know where to turn, but can’t conscience non-engagement with national politics, so they sigh and punch straight-ticket GOP. If Tucker keeps his Fox spot then this could change in a major way, but right now conservatives just seem lost to me — not motivated to speak up in any capacity.

    Those of our professional political class who aren’t 1) rabid ideologues and 2) visible by virtue of incumbency have all silently agreed that America is having a collective Senior Moment, and are recusing themselves en masse. If they speak out (and such speech is almost invariably along leftward vectors), it’s because they feel personally threatened by what could be done to them if they don’t.

    Unless you are really, really banking on there being a spot for you in Trump 2.0 or a sclerotic Biden Administration wracked by activist-donor tensions, there’s zero reason to put your career on the line for the sake of the national conversation around…nearly anything. Perhaps you’re jonesing for a career in housing advocacy or tech company regulation, but otherwise the risk/reward breakdown for being politically active in any sense is incredibly poor. Easier for most to say to themselves, “Think of my kid’s tuition/my mortgage!”, make empty gestures at work functions, and be assured they’ll have a job in the morning.

  4. Ah, maybe there is a little excess on the liberal side but conservatives are just as bad if not worse.

    Look at Fox News which is corrupting America and, of course, Breitbart which is responsible for Hillary’s loss aided by those extremist organizations like the Federalist, Judicial Watch, and the Daily Caller which no respectable person would read.

    Terrible how conservatives are stifling reading, speech, and thought at our universities. Just awful how those conservative pundits and news anchors throughout the media are altering videos, using fake videos, suppressing news, and all those other tricks to squelch liberal ideas.

    And socially, oh my goodness. Let it be known you are a Liberal and might even support Biden and you are thrown out of discussion groups, shunned socially, maybe fired and subjected to whatever scorn and banishment they can dream up.

    It’s really conservatives who are responsible for all the violence, poverty, bad education, systemic racism, failing cities, et al. They have foiled the best efforts of the poor liberals who have dominated Congress and the white house for most of the past 100 years to make this a better country.

    Nevertheless, as many here have pointed out, it’s a moot issue because Liberals are now in control of Virginia and needn’t be much concerned about those pesky conservatives while remaking the state into the wonderful place to live, learn,work and retire it wasn’t.

    • Everything there is nice ironic sarcasm…except this part:

      “while remaking the state into the wonderful place to live, learn,work and retire it wasn’t.”

      Virginia never was a wonderful place to live, learn, work, and retire, and likely never will be.

      I think today some people in Arlington and Alexandria are getting a taste of that, as they sit with their power out on a day with a high of 97F because the state-sponsored electric company is a complete joke AND the weather sucks here.


      (For those who know about such things, what does it tell you about the maintenance practices of an electric company that has installed 5 automatic splices in a single pole span? That’s Dominion Virginia Power for you!)

      • It would work as ironic sarcasm because it is quite believable right up to the part about foiling the best efforts of the poor liberals. It really sounds like something you would hear the whiner-in-chief complaining about from the other side.

  5. It was my pleasure to walk into the local supermarket and purchase a relatively large quantity of Goya food products. I drove to a local food bank and donated the food to them asking for a receipt. Unless advised to the contrary I intend to deduct the vale of the donated food as a charitable contribution on my taxes.

    Extreme liberalism is a mental disorder and must be fought against in any way possible.

  6. and among them we have Christie New Craig, who has been targeted like a Suffolk Council member (from what I remember), is a staunch conservative. The vitriol for stating facts is just a sad commentary on how mob rule and letting things go has taken taken us. Hoping Christie does not resign: there are those who share her views and she has a right to her opinion, whether I agree or not, she has a right to speak her mind. These same people have no clue of what goes on at City Hall: why target Craig when there are others who have true dirt but no one is willing to go look for it.

  7. New Craig did not state facts and actually did just the opposite while additionally politicizing the pandemic. Voters expect better from their elected representatives and many feel that she is not living up to her oath of office. She certainly has a right to her opinion but then also must be willing to accept the consequences of her actions. There was no need to bring this embarrassment to the school board and the city.

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