Stop All Aid to Palestinians and Other Terrorists. Every Bit of It

by Kerry Dougherty

On Saturday morning Hamas terrorists unleashed Hell on innocent Israelis. As Israel’s ambassador to the US pointed out, given the population of Israel 600 dead Israelis is the equivalent of 20,000 dead Americans.

This was Israel’s 9-11. Their Pearl Harbor. Some say it was the most deadly day in history for the Jewish state.

And all I can say today, after this weekend of horror in Israel, is thank God for Elon Musk.

Had Musk not spent a chunk of his personal fortune on Twitter, many of us would not have seen the horror Hamas inflicted on innocent Israelis. No way Jack Dorsey’s crowd of left-wingers would have allowed citizen journalists to tell the real story, the unfiltered truth, about the unimaginably grotesque attacks throughout Israel.

We wouldn’t have seen the graphic videos of these fanatical men driving around in a Jeep with the dead body of a young woman in the back like a slaughtered animal, stopping to allow cheering bystanders to spit on her mutilated corpse.

We wouldn’t have seen the bloodied woman – clearly a rape victim – being dragged by her hair into the street by men screaming about Allah and then shoving her into a car overloaded with men who were grabbing for her. God rest her soul. Chances she survived the next few hours are slim.

We wouldn’t have seen the bawling children being shielded by their parents as they were savagely herded into cars and taken as hostages.

We wouldn’t have seen the stacks of bodies.


All we’d have is sanitized references to “Hamas militants” – as if this is a regular army – and criticism of “Israel’s right-wing intelligence” for failing to thwart the unprovoked attack on civilians. Oh and lots of whataboutism about how hard life is in Gaza for Palestinians and that Israel is to blame.

This is just the media’s prelude. In a few days corporate news outlets will condemn Israel for its “disproportionate response” to the attacks.

I agree with Ilya Shapiro who recorded a brief message on CenterClip Sunday morning saying that no response – however robust and deadly – will be disproportionate. There is no appeasing Hamas. Its goal is the genocide of the Jewish people and the abolition of the Jewish state. There is only one way to deal with terrorists: Finish them.

The legacy media was diligent in reporting the verbal support for Israel coming from the White House, without reminders that Biden has been busy appeasing these Death-to-Israel, death-to-America radicals in the MidEast for three years.

They saw no link between the $6 billion in “humanitarian” aid to Iran that Biden just freed up in some cockamamie prisoner exchange/ransom and what happened this weekend in Israel.

They never mentioned the $75 million we just sent to Palestinian “refugees” either.

Here’s an account from a pro-Hamas news organization called “MEMO Middle East Monitor.” Two days ago they published glowing praise for the Biden administration for funneling money over the objections of pro-Israel members of Congress to UNRWA, United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees in the Near East.

In “Under The Radar The US Approves Release of $75 million Aid To Palestine,” the pro-Hamas journalists wrote this:

In a quiet move bypassing Republican obstructionism, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has approved the release of $75 million in crucial food assistance for Palestinians just hours before the funds were set to be redistributed elsewhere.

Blinken’s decision came after months of pressure from Democratic lawmakers and dozens of civil society groups, who warned that blocking the aid would create a humanitarian disaster for over one million Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.

The aid had been held up by Republican Senators who are said to be seeking to use the funds as leverage for political concessions. Senator Jim Risch and Representative Michael McCaul, the top Republicans on the Senate and House of Representatives Foreign Relations Committees, have since late July been blocking the State Department from providing the funds to the UN’s Palestine refugee agency (UNRWA).

The Biden administration and Democrats in Washington have been playing a deadly game of footsie with the most bloodthirsty terrorists on earth. They stupidly believe that money — in the guise of humanitarian aid — buys you peace and goodwill.

There is only one thing that money buys: Weapons.

Republished with permission from Kerry: Unemployed and Unedited.