Still Chillin’

Wilber’s barbeque. Sunsets. Red wine. Farkle. Long, deep sleep. Early morning coffee. Sunrises. Not shaving. Long bike rides. Gnarly pin oak trees. Powdery sand. Squinting into the sunlit waves. Perspiration and sun tan oil. Cooling breezes. TV not working — no cable, no worries.


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  1. You got internet… you can stream! 😉

  2. Just so. Post-covid, why go downtown to work in person? You’ve written the epitaph of the commuter-centric urban lifestyle.

  3. Jim, are you old enough to remember Hurd’s seafood place in Thalia … and plugging a big watermelon, pouring in half a fifth of sloe gin, and burying it in the sand until dusk? Then rolling up overnight to sleep it off wrapped in a blanket with a girl because it got cold?

    Ahhhhh … them old days …

  4. just the thought of fresh seafood….. lordy…

    • I have a basic rule. If you’re more than 200 miles from the sea, order the steak. Nothing fishier than “Bob’s Seafood”, Fort Scott, Kansas.

      OTOH, if there are boats tied up to the restaurant, it’s the grouper sandwich.

  5. Too bad the Channel Marker restaurant, a long time family favorite, has been torn down

  6. Too bad the Channel Marker restaurant, a long time family favorite, has been torn down

    • Try Margie’s and Rays on left side of Sandbridge Road just past the lily pads going in towards the beach … they also have fantastic ribs … used to be a bait shack … if you’re not a local you probably never heard of it.

  7. Man, alone, hat in hand, confronts eternity.

  8. Well, finally put on a neckerchief, pulled it up over the nose, and got my first COVID haircut.

    • “bowl cut” ? 😉

      I got my teeth cleaned today… the hygienist was covered from head to toe and had a face shield to boot… didn’t charge me extra… 😉

  9. It sounds heavenly! Relax and have a wonderful time!

  10. And on the more important side of the news, “For the first time in eight years, a Virginia-bred is back in the Kentucky Derby. He figures to be a longshot, but his trainer, Dale Romans, is fine with that, as he has made the most of a shot before.

    Attachment Rate, bred by Mr. and Mrs. C. Oliver Iselin, III at Wolver Hill Farm located just north of Middleburg, Virginia, is a Hard Spun colt out of the winning Afleet Alex mare Aristra. He sold for $100,000 as a weanling at the Keeneland mixed sale in November 2017 and then for $200,000 10 months later at the Keeneland September yearling sale.

  11. He is a beauty!

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