Sorry, Senator. Zalenskyy is No George Washington

Sen. Tim Kaine

by Kerry Dougherty

Tim Kaine jumped the shark.

Get a load of the nonsense this United States Senator – from VIRGINIA – Tweeted on Tuesday:

President Zelenskyy spoke to the Senate today about the critical role of American support for Ukrainian democracy. He stood beneath a portrait of George Washington, who helped birth an America free from domination by a great power. A moving moment.

— Tim Kaine (@timkaine) December 12, 2023

Seriously, senator?

No member of Congress should ever compare America’s first president with this little corruptocrat.

This is the problem when Virginians vote for a Kansan to represent them in Washington. He missed fourth grade Virginia history and apparently they didn’t teach American history in the schools he attended either.

If they had, the senator would know that Washington was a humble man who fervently believed in freedom and the rights of man. He was an educated, measured leader who stepped down after two terms in office and refused to allow himself to be set up as anything more than a man of the people.

In his farewell address, Washington warned against foreign entanglements.

Presidents have been ignoring Washington’s admonitions for decades, unfortunately.

By contrast, the Ukrainian president is a former comic who has suspended elections, and will likely try to remain in office for life. He’s cracked down on opposition parties. Wait, what am I saying? He made membership in some opposition parties illegal. He’s flying around the world shaking his tin cup and slurping up billions from other countries, especially the U.S.. And that money? There’s little accounting for where it goes.

This is the man Tim Kaine compares to a towering figure like Washington? Zelenskyy is no Washington. Shoot, he’s not even Millard Fillmore.

Still, Biden threw another $200 million at Zelenskyy on Tuesday and yapped some more about how important it was to approve another massive aid package for Ukraine.

Biden knows what has to happen to get that package approved: he has to also agree to close OUR border.

Biden won’t do that.

Odd, isn’t it? Biden, Kaine and most Democrats are desperate to protect Ukraine’s border, but don’t give a rat’s rear-end about ours. In fact, our Southern border has descended into out-of-control chaos. On December 5th a shameful one-day record was set: 12,000 illegals were caught streaming into the U.S. with false claims of asylum.

Lord knows how many got-aways made it.

We’ve lost control of our country’s border, yet Democrats in Congress are digging in their heels and refusing to tie funds for our security to Ukraine’s.

What will it take to wake up Kaine and company to the danger of an open border? Do they need to experience a terrorist attack carried out by illegals? Let’s hope not. But it’s just a matter of time.

Sadly, Kaine’s hero didn’t get everything he came for. He has to go back to his undemocratic country with nothing to show from his international beg-a-thon besides a measly couple hundred million.

Maybe next time he’ll wear breeches and a powdered wig.

Republished with permission from Kerry: Unemployed and Unedited.