One Surprise on Virginia’s Primary Ballot

by Kerry Dougherty

I’d almost forgotten that last summer I signed up to be an absentee voter.

Until this arrived in yesterday’s mail, that is.

Yep, it’s a Republican primary ballot. Early voting starts Friday for Super Tuesday and Virginia is one of 15 states participating in what promises to be an essentially empty exercise on March 4.

Trump is building an insurmountable lead and his opponents are bowing out. Nikki Haley didn’t totally embarrass herself last night in New Hampshire, yet she lost by almost 12 points in the state many thought was most friendly to her brand of conservatism.

Her home state of South Carolina is next. Prospects for her are bleak there. It’s likely there will be a strike-out through her name too by the first week in March..

But one big question remains: who the heck is Ryan L. Binkley, the second name on Virginia’s GOP ballot?

A quick Google search tells me this is a 56-year-old Texas pastor who’s made the ballots in 33 states. He’s CEO of Generational Equity Group and the father of five. Photos show a Romneyesque fellow who declared that he was running for president last April and is mostly self-funded.

I’m not the only one who was taken by surprise when I saw his name. In fact #WhoIsRyanBinkley is a thing.

He posted on X:

I am on the ballot in 33 states. I have been campaigning daily with a full staff since April. I finished 5th in the Iowa caucus (4th after Vivek dropped out). By the way, in Iowa I got more votes than Tulsi Gabbard or Mike Bloomberg. In the upcoming Nevada Caucus the only candidates on the GOP ballot are myself and Donald Trump. You should be covering my campaign, NBC. YOU are not the electorate, and you are subverting democracy. Let the people decide.

Instead of MAGA hats his supporters sport WTF hats: Way To Freedom. He seems to have a sense of humor; I’ll give him that.

Well, I’ve spoiled my ballot. Guess you know who won’t be voting in the GOP primary. May request a Democrat ballot and make a little mischief instead.

There are three names on that one: Marianne Williamson, Joe Biden and Dean Phillips

Good luck to all of the candidates. Especially Ryan Binkley, WTF.

Republished with permission from Kerry: Unemployed and Unedited.