New Price Is Right Host on Gridlock

Drew Carey talks about transportation as only a comedian can.

Hey, it’s not Bacon-level material, but it does have a few chuckle-worthy moments. Plus, Carey discusses some ideas that ought to sound very familiar to the transpo groupies around here.

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3 responses to “New Price Is Right Host on Gridlock”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    “The team of mathematicians that first created the mathematics behind the “invisibility cloak” announced by physicists last October has now shown that the same technology could be used to generate an “electromagnetic wormhole.”……” Imagine wrapping Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak around a tube,” says Greenleaf. “If the material is designed according to our specifications, you could pass an object into one end, watch it disappear as it traveled the length of the tunnel, and then see it reappear out the other end.”

    So, there is the solution: wormhole freeways. Cars go in one end and disappear – no congestion- and reappear on the other end.


  2. Jim Bacon Avatar

    Drew Carey is great. He’s got the toll road thing down pat. Let’s home the Reason Foundation educates him about dysfunctional human settlement patterns!

  3. E M Risse Avatar

    Unlike my good friend Jim Bacon we found Mr. Carey’s version of Autonomobility uninspiring.

    Anyone like to wager how much Carey was paid for this Comictainment? How about the chances of someone paying him to do a useful segment on human settlement patterns?


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