More Happiness

In celebration of the widespread happiness in Virginia, I’m posting all the “Happy” videos from around Virginia that I could find. If I’ve missed one, let me know and I’ll add it! — JAB

The RVA Happy video:

The Fredericksburg Happy video:

The Lynchburg Happy video:

The Virginia Beach Happy video:

A Hampton Roads Happy video:

The Bel Air Woodbridge Happy video:

I didn’t realize until compiling this post that Happy videos are an international phenomenon. They are infectiously fun to watch — a great way to waste a work-week morning. Beside videos celebrating happy cities, you can find happy Virginia State University, Virginia Union University, Henrico Doctors’ Hospitals, Meadowbrook High School, NBC-12 News, Virginia Tech Muslim videos and probably a whole lot more.

By the way, Pharrell Williams, composer-performer of Happy, grew up in Virginia Beach. Here is is on CBS Sunday Morning talking about growing up in the color-blind suburbs. You gotta love this guy — you can see why he’s the one who created the Happy song!

(Hat tip to LarryG for sharing the Fredericksburg video.)