Let the Little Guy Speak!

Virginia’s political-media establishment won’t let Libertarian Party candidate Robert Sarvis participate in the televised debates, relegating an otherwise attractive candidate to the political fringe. I can’t change that. But I can give the guy some space on Bacon’s Rebellion. I encourage you to view his ad. (Don’t take this as an endorsement of Sarvis — I see it as more of a protest against our two-party duopoly.)


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2 responses to “Let the Little Guy Speak!”

  1. DJRippert Avatar

    I can see why the debate organizers decided on only letting the two main candidates debate. There was too little time as it was. However, that could have been corrected by moving to a 90 minute debate or changing the rules of the debate. If I could set the rules, I’d ban negative commentary. You can only discuss your approach to the issues. If the judges decide you have made a negative comment they will dock you :30 of your 5 minute wrap-up time. If you cut the negative campaigning out of last night’s debate and focus only on defending your own policies – there would have been plenty of time for Sarvis.

    I also wonder about the reality of adding a third party at the governor level. I’d think that picking off Delegate and a few Senate seats would be a pre-requisite to having a real shot at the governor’s mansion.

  2. Did Jarvis actually make it on the ballot? that alone take some level of state-wide support and organization… and my “cut” for debates would be if they make it on the ballot – they get to debate.

    He doesn’t have a chance of a snowball in hell – but we ought to be getting more used to the idea of hearing 3rd party candidates .. especially the way the two parties current control the agenda… somehow – we have to find a way to challenge the status-quo of the two-party system. It’s corrupt to the core once elections are over – and the business of legislating begins.

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