By Peter Galuszka

The coincidences are revealing.

How many times have you read this blog and you find that much of the comment seems scripted from afar.

The American Legislative Exchange Council, the cabal of right wing business and propagandists who draft laws for harried state legislators, pushes a template for private school tuition tax breaks. Suddenly, James A. Bacon Jr., local example in hand, is writing in favor of the same thing.

Or, there’s a big push towards Paul Ryan-style budget austerity (despite plenty of evidence now is not the time for it). Presto!  Boomergeddon in book form! Or, the so-called Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy, made up mostly of conservative lobbyists, comes up with yet another regressive tax plan only to get plugged on this blog.

Or, take the Silver Line to take rail to Dulles International Airport. A steady drumbeat booms at Bacons Rebellion against the labor union rep on the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority which is involved in a possibly union-friendly construction contract for Phase II of the project. The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors will make a critical decision on the issue today.

Ring! Ring! It”s the telephone. A robo caller from the Americans for Prosperity is bothering Loudoun County residents stating “Loudoun cannot this bail out to rail-station developers,” a recorded voice says.

Now who the hell is the Americans for Prosperity and why do they care about a local and regional issue? They are a national conservative group that hates unions and is out “to educate” people, according to their Virginia spokesman.

See the connection? All these institutes? Conservative national groups? Bacons Rebellion? There’s nothing wrong in promoting a frame of reference. I do it all the time. But a little more transparency would be nice. I mean, we’re not all that stupid, Jim.

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  1. Peter, not all readers will appreciate your maniacal sense of humor. They cannot see you chuckling fiendishly as you hunch over your keyboard typing these feverish words. So, let me assure readers….

    I would love to get funding from conservative groups like ALEC, Americans for Prosperity and the Jefferson Institute. But I don’t get any. My only regular sponsor is the Piedmont Environmental Council. Recently, I have also picked up story-level sponsorships from Certainty 3D.

    I will be happy to take credit, though, for identifying important conservative issues before the big guys get involved. I wrote Boomergeddon when nobody but Tea Party “wingnuts” were worried about the fiscal apocalypse. I’ve been bird dogging Rail-to-Dulles and the PLA controversy long before national conservative groups were even aware it even existed. As for private school tuition breaks, I’ve been blogging consistently for years about the need to overhaul K-12 and higher education. The idea of tuition tax breaks has been around a long, long time. It’s a widespread idea with broad support in the conservative movement.

  2. Peter Galuszka Avatar
    Peter Galuszka

    When do the Robo calls start?

  3. bosun Avatar

    Or why would the Americans for (my not your) Prosperity do robo calling about the proposal to raise taxes in Campbell County? Look for more of it! Bosun

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