He’s Baaaack! Welcome Norm Leahy

For long-time followers of the Rebellion, Norm Leahy needs no introduction. But in case you’re relatively new to the blog, Norm is one Virginia’s longest-running and most illustrious bloggers, and the Rebellion had the good fortune to have him contribute columns in the days of yore. As part of our re-launch, we are expanding the number of contributors, and I invited Norm to join our stable of authors to add some libertarian heft to the commentary.

Along the way, Norm has blogged for One Man’s Trash and Tertium Quids before striking out on his own at The Score Radio Network. He will cross-post some of his posts from The Score.

(Norm, when you take a new photo of yourself with your hair combed…. let us know.)

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2 responses to “He’s Baaaack! Welcome Norm Leahy”

  1. Thanks for the welcome, boss. As for the picture…well. I prefer the windblown look, don’t you? And I am wearing a tie, so that counts for something, right?

  2. Groveton Avatar


    Great to have you back Norm.

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