“Girls with Pearls” in Petersburg

Courtesy, Most Valuable Kids Program.  Rockdale Academy is in Cincinnati.

by James C. Sherlock

It is important now more than ever to celebrate people doing the right things for the right reasons. Good should be called out where found.

First Lady Suzanne Youngkin has taken helping Petersburg to heart and continues to support multiple initiatives to make that happen.  

She doesn’t have to do that, certainly to the extent that she has done and continues to do. It is clearly personal to her.

She is joining Petersburg Blandford Academy (6th grade of Vernon Johns Middle), Petersburg’s Communities in Schools (CIS), the Petersburg Women’s Club, and a small group of volunteers to bring the “Girls with Pearls” program to that city.

Girls with Pearls is a turn-key, school-based program that fosters leadership to change the outcome for girls by empowering them to plan for a bright future through education, personal responsibility and social awareness.

With those dedicated women and men behind it, Girls with Pearls will help young people become better adults.

They have our thanks and support.

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2 responses to ““Girls with Pearls” in Petersburg”

  1. Lefty665 Avatar

    It is especially nice to have something good happening in Petersburg. tku for highlighting it.

  2. James Wyatt Whitehead Avatar
    James Wyatt Whitehead

    Very thankful that our governor and the first lady have taken a special interest in Petersburg. Expand at once!

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