Fed-Up Parents Sue Loudoun County School Board

by Donny Ferguson

A liberal school board in suburban Washington, D.C., is now being sued in federal court over an “Action Plan to Combat Systemic Racism” that reports children to officials for any speech that deviates from approved liberal ideology – even at home or after school.

Represented by the Liberty Justice Center, several Loudoun County parents filed a federal lawsuit against the Loudoun School Board for “denying their students equal treatment and violating their right to free speech,” the Center reports.

“The parents say the children will be discriminated against for simply expressing their opinion, or worse, for the color of their skin,” the Center notes.

The school previously made national headlines for covering up two in-school rapes and transferring the alleged offender without notifying parents, as well as a scheme in which a group of liberal activists, including a School Board member, stalked and monitored parents who criticized the board’s liberal direction – including efforts to have critics fired from their jobs and a discussion of whether to hire hackers to break into critics’ email accounts.

In June 2020, Loudoun County Public Schools announced what they called an “Action Plan to Combat Systemic Racism.”

The plan created what was called a “Student Equity Ambassador” scheme, in which students were urged to monitor the speech of their fellow students and report to school officials any speech or action that deviated from radical leftist teachings on race, gender, and sexual orientation.

Students were urged to report speech of other children to “ambassadors,” even if it occurred after school or off-campus.  Originally, white students were not eligible to be named “ambassadors.”

“Not only are Loudoun school leaders telling students what they can and can’t say, they are imposing controversial political views on students and punishing those who don’t agree,” said Daniel Suhr, senior attorney at the Liberty Justice Center. “Loudoun County’s policies are extreme and divisive. Every student has a right to express his or her views and to engage in a respectful, robust conversation about real issues without fear of retribution.”

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