Dems Suppress Black Presidential Candidate

Democrats’ commitment to fight voter suppression apparently does not extend to candidate suppression. Backed by the prominent Democratic law firm Perkins Coie, two Suffolk residents have sued to kick black rapper/entrepreneur Kanye West off the presidential ballot in Virginia on the grounds that signature gatherers for West deceived them.

According to the Washington Post, Attorney General Mark Herring, a Democrat,  filed a motion for an emergency hearing today and filed a brief highlighting deficiencies in 13 elector oaths.

West’s real offense, of course, is threatening to drain African-American votes from Joe Biden. The Dems purport to support black voting rights…. but only as long as it helps Democrats win elections. Dems sue to create more black-majority districts… as long as it helps elect more Democrats. But when African-Americans think for themselves and run as independents or Republicans they must be suppressed.

Update: A circuit court Judge has ordered state election authorities to remove West from the ballot, saying that some signatures were gathered illegally. Dems were certainly within their rights to take West off the ballot… but the optics still look bad.


Note to readers: I had hoped to do more blogging this week while at the beach, but my laptop crashed, and my blogging capabilities are severely curtailed.

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  1. Paul Goldman has sued over the wording of the proposed amendment to the VA constitution. In response to that, Herring complained to the court that resolving that issue will delay getting ballots out, perhaps forcing a re-print, when early voting is clearly crucial this year. What, pray tell, is the difference here? Won’t a long, drawn out argument over West being on the ballot also delay things? Frankly, he was right the first time and should let well enough alone here.

    They must really be afraid West will garner significant votes. There is zero chance that the people identified as his electors are in any danger of being required to cast an Electoral College vote for him. But apparently there is no longer zero chance Biden might be denied his electoral votes here.

  2. “Note to readers: I had hoped to do more blogging this week while at the beach, but my laptop crashed, and my blogging capabilities are severely curtailed.”

    Forget about blogging for now, Jim. The past few months and years, indeed decades, of thoughtful and informed and timely and courageous blogging (that greatly benefits all citizens of the Virginia Commonwealth) have well earned you a fine and extended time of rest and relaxation with your lady, your progeny and your books amid the sands, sea surf and dunes of the Emerald Isle.

    The half wits here can be starved awhile longer, for the benefit of us all. And remember, even in this gruesome time of plague, riot, looting, and ignorance, the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, the honorable Nancy Pelosi, takes time off from her many labors on behalf anarchy to style her coiffure, sans mask.

  3. I’ll sign for him.

    I might even vote for him.


  4. GOP takes advantage of man suffering bipolar disorder. Wife begs for understanding and not to take advantage of her husband’s cofusion saying, “those who are close with Kanye know his heart and understand his words sometimes do not align with his intentions.”

    • “…and not to take advantage of her husband’s confusion…”

      When did she say this? I found the rest of the statements you attributed to her but I can’t find where she said anything about “taking advantage” of him.

      Finally, do you have evidence that the GOP somehow cajoled or tricked him into trying to get on the ballot in Virginia? Bipolar or not, Kanye West never struck me as someone who allows himself to be led around by others.

  5. not to mention the muscle strain from all those 12-ounce curls…..

    i’m two weeks behind you…..

  6. Bipolar doesn’t mean violent

  7. Jim. While you’re still in Carolina why don’t you vote twice as Trump says?

  8. I guess I woulda thought this was worth a blog post:

    Attorney General Mark Herring will seek third term and will not run for governor

  9. Why go up against terry the mac?

    • Indeed. While I do not care much for Terry McAuliffe, I would take him for governor over Mark Herring any day of the week.

      • I agree, but what a desperate last ditch hail Mary vote for Terry McAuliffe would be, one for the political mastermind of the Charlottesville riots of 2017, in lieu of a vote for his cold blooded executive officer in pulling off the squalor of political stunts that have poisoned American politics for decades.

    • Peter, Peter, Peter surely you jest.

      Akin to me against Joe Frazier.

  10. Clearly, there are some Democrats who fear people will vote for West. He beats the ticket of Senile and Bigot. Senator Harris supports a religious test for judges in violation of the Constitution. Bigot.

  11. Hey Reed. Got any Rep in mind? Cox? Amanda Chase? Get big or go home.

  12. James Wyatt Whitehead V

    Bring back the Readjuster Party to clean up the mess in Richmond. Recruit Bruce Smith to lead the ticket. All time sack leader and the VPI vote would be a cinch.

  13. Well Jim, judge dumps West as happened in Wisconsin and Ohio.

  14. Problem solved.

    And, like that, the Scott Taylor Strategy fails again.

    • And as with Scott Taylor, I wonder who were these idiots? How hard could it really have been to find 13 Virginians actually enthusiastic to support West? Why try to dupe people into signing?

      • Steve, given what has become of “your” party in the last four years, to expect them to actually follow a rule or act in something less than a slimy fashion is asking too much.

        I tend to chuckle at all the foreign influence news. I don’t think the Russians or the Chinese are clever enough to outdo the self inflicted injuries.

  15. You’re right. They could have easily gone to some Trump supporters!


  16. James Wyatt Whitehead V

    One nailed to the front door of my mother’s business in Fredericksburg. The sign says “if it burns, it burns, its war.? People over Property. RVA and DC comrades will be fighting. Will you? Hands up Fight Back”

    Numerous alerts sent out from the fburg mayor and town police. Heading down to board up the front of the shop AGAIN on Caroline Street. Red hour should begin sometime after sunset 7:30 pm

    • Anyone who destroys property – no matter the reason – needs to be jailed, no exceptions.

      • James Wyatt Whitehead V

        Turned out to be very tame. I guess the flyer that was circulated was a hoax. Rained hard too that thinned out the town in a hurry.

      • Most of the protestors in Fredericksburg are not violent or Antifa.

        The problem is that both Antifa and folks on the right are using non-violent protestors as “cover” to foment unrest.

        Anytime they take to the streets – the bad guys follow and the police
        are not set up to figure out who is who and when bad stuff starts happening – everyone gets blamed.

        • James Wyatt Whitehead V

          You are so right Mr. Larry. That is exactly what happened to the Knights of Labor back in the 1880s Haymarket Square Riot. Legitimate protest hi jacked by anarchists. This event destroyed the most significant labor union in history up to that time. Will antifa and company have the same impact on BLM? I think so.

    • Best of luck. I hope things turn out out okay.

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