Democrats Target Virginia House, Senate Seats

by Jeanine Martin

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) believes there are 17 safe Democrat state Senate seats in the General Assembly. (There are a total of 40 seats in the state Senate.) Democrats need to pick up 4 additional seats to keep their majority. To do that they are putting millions into these races:

  • Aaron Rouse in SD-22
  • Monty Mason in SD-24
  • Danica Roem in SD-30
  • Schuyler VanValkenburg in SD-16
  • Russet Perry in SD-31

The DLCC believes there are 45 reliably Democrat seats in the House of Delegates and they are targeting 20 more. (There are 100 members in the House of Delegates.) They believe their best chance of reaching the 51 seats are in these races:

  • Nadarius Clark in HD-84
  • Rodney Willett in HD-58
  • Phil Hernandez in HD-94
  • Michael Feggans in HD-97
  • Josh Thomas in HD-21
  • Kimberly Pope Adams in HD-82
  • Josh Cole in HD-65

Democrats no longer believe they can prevail in HD-57 with Susanna Gibson after her recent scandal involving online sex videos for money.

More information on voting early by mail or in person, here.

Republished with permission from The Bull Elephant.