Democrats Allege Democratic Party Suppressed Democratic Voters in Democratic Primary

by James C. Sherlock

Virginia Congressional District 4 Eff. Jan 3, 2023

It must be Republicans’ fault.

Bill Atkinson of the Progress Index reported yesterday that Tavorise Marks, a candidate, Hopewell businessman and local civil-rights advocate, claimed to have witnessed voter suppression in Wednesday’s Democratic primary for the open House of Representatives seat in Virginia 04.

That he, Marks, a Democrat, had seen suppression of Democratic voters in a Democratic primary run by the Democratic party.

Atkinson’s reporting makes a case that the charge is true.

A law suit has already been filed by Richmond attorney Paul Goldman. Goldman’s suit alleges that Democrats restricted equal voting access: (Below is my summary of the allegations as I understand them)

  • Because the primary was scheduled on a workday.
  • Because too few polling places were concentrated only in certain areas whose locations favored a single candidate (state Senator Jennifer McClellan).
  • Resulting in very long commutes for some and long lines that sent discouraged voters home.

Mr. Marks leveled the same charges and may join the suit.

Virginia Sen. Joe Morrissey was one of those on the ballot.

He alleged well before the balloting that it was rigged for McClellan. Two of the four polling places were on McClellan’s home turf in Richmond.

It reminds me of when Captain Renault announced that he was “shocked, shocked” to see gambling in Rick’s café.

Next time Democrats in Virginia talk about voter suppression, I will pay them more attention.

They have game.