Campaign Finance Reports Show the Party of the Rich Is Outraising Republicans

by Jeanine Martin

As usual the party of the rich, Democrats, is outraising Republicans in the commonwealth election scheduled for November 7th. The September financial reports for all candidates and committees can be found here. If things don’t turn around in the next three weeks Republicans will have a difficult time flipping the State Senate and keeping the House of Delegates.

Competitive State Senate districts (source


  • Siobhan Dunnavant (R)
    • Raised: $1,259,177
      • Youngkin’s Spirit of Virginia gave her $727,000.
    • COH: $493,052
  • Schuyler VanValkenburg (D)
    • Raised: $785,233
      • Sonjia Smith gave his campaign $50,000.
    • COH: $408,385


  • Emily Brewer (R)
  • Clint Jenkins (D)


  • Kevin Adams (R)
  • Aaron Rouse (D)


  • Danny Diggs (R)
    • Raised: $725,666
      • The RSLC gave his campaign $345,000.
    • COH: $285,041
  • Monty Mason (D)
    • Raised: $1,233,585
      • The Senate Democratic Caucus gave his campaign $250,000.
    • COH: $225,988


  • Tara Durant (R)
    • Raised: $361,356
      • The RSLC gave her campaign $130,000.
    • COH: $99,874
  • Monica Gary (I)
  • Joel Griffin (D)
    • Raised: $642,661
      • The Senate Democratic Caucus gave his campaign $275,000.
    • COH: $46,757


  • Danica Roem (D)
  • Bill Woolf (R)


  • Russet Perry (D)
    • Raised: $1,624,983
      • The Senate Democratic Caucus gave her campaign $520,000.
    • COH: $461,967
  • Juan Pablo Segura (R)
    • Raised: $1,075,450
      • Youngkin’s Spirit of Virginia gave his campaign $250,000.
    • COH: $26,354

SD-31 is my district, where Republican Juan Pablo Segura desperately needs money and volunteers if he is to be competitive. As you can see above, his opponent has out-raised him and now has far more cash on hand, Perry has $461,967 and Segura a mere $26,354. That explains why Perry is able to afford nearly constant television ads lying about Segura. (He does not want to make abortion illegal.) Please give Juan any money and time you can spare.

In my House district 30, Democrat Robert Banse has far out-raised Republican Geary Higgins. This tells us where Banse is getting the money for all the ads saying Higgins was part of the January 6th demonstration at the Capitol, and even helped lead it! Higgins wasn’t even there. Higgins also needs our money and time if Republicans are to win and keep the House of Delegates.

Unlike the Democrats’ national committees, the RNC won’t give Virginia Republicans a dime to help the GOP win in three weeks. So the party needs the grassroots to help win this one.

Republished with permission from The Bull Elephant.