Bacon Bits: More Mad-As-Hell Stories

Ditch the name, keep the money.

The University of Richmond recently removed the name of T.C. Williams from its law school because he owned slaves, even though, his descendants say, he contributed to the demise of slavery. Now the same descendants are arguing that the university should refund the money Williams donated to the institution … plus interest. “If suddenly his name is not good enough for the University, then isn’t the proper ethical and indeed virtuous action to return the benefactor’s money with interest? At a 6% compounded interest over 132 years, T.C. Williams’ gift to the law school alone is now valued at over $51 million,” Williams’ great-great grandson Rob Smith told The College Fix. Funny thing about that: long-ago university benefactors may be dirty, but their money never is.

Speaking of colleges and money… It’s all-out war between dissident alumni of the Virginia Military Institute and the VMI Alumni Agencies. The establishment alumni agency wants to raise $19.74 million from the 50th reunion class. Some members are saying, “Hell no, we won’t go.” In fact, they’re urging classmates to take what they would have given the VMI alumni association and contribute it to an alternative group, The Cadet Foundation. Alumni associations everywhere, beware; do not write off your older, conservative alumni. They can raise hell and make your lives miserable. You can win the battles and still lose the war.

Sage’s law. Delegate Dave LaRock has submitted a bill, HB 2432, that would require school officials to inform parents if their child self-identifies as transgender at school. The Family Foundation has dubbed it “Sage’s Law,” in honor of a 15-year-old girl who was adopted by her grandmother because her parents were unfit, identified as transgender at Appomattox High School, ran away, and got sucked into a sex trafficking ring. You can read the horrifying details of her horrific story in The Federalist. What happened to her is unforgivable.

Transgender issues are complex. Some children have lasting gender dysphoria, and society needs to find a way to accommodate them. Many children are just confused, and transgender identity represents a desperate attempt to understand whatever pain and anguish they might be feeling. Bathrooms and pronouns are subsidiary issues. The basic question boils down to this: whose rights should prevail in controversies over transgender children — parents or the state? I side with LaRock and the Family Foundation on this one.

Side question: when will an establishment media outlet cover Sage’s story?

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49 responses to “Bacon Bits: More Mad-As-Hell Stories”

  1. Virginia Gentleman Avatar
    Virginia Gentleman

    “Many children are just confused, and transgender identity represents a desperate attempt to understand whatever pain and anguish they might be feeling.” Is this an opinion or a fact?

  2. M. Purdy Avatar

    “You can win the battles and still lose the war.” The only losers in this war will be recent grads and current cadets, if not the future of the school itself. These retrograde alums do enormous damage to the Institute by spreading disinformation and invective.

  3. LarrytheG Avatar

    an optimistic view of the future…. NOT!

    1. Nancy Naive Avatar
      Nancy Naive

      I tend to think of the future as “One Flew Over the THX-1138”

  4. Stephen Haner Avatar
    Stephen Haner

    I think returning the Williams legacy with reasonable interest is nothing but fair. Funny, giving back the Geo. Washington money never comes up from those trying to dump his name from W&L. The present value on that would be stunning.

    1. M. Purdy Avatar

      Is there a movement to dump Washington’s name from the school?

      1. Nancy Naive Avatar
        Nancy Naive

        First I’ve heard. I think maybe Lee, but that went south… so to speak.

    2. James Wyatt Whitehead Avatar
      James Wyatt Whitehead

      I have considered asking the Richmond City school board to give back my great aunt’s name. She has a school named after her on Jahnke Road. The school and the system are such a disaster. Not worthy of having her good name on it. Certainly not the way she left it in 1972.

    3. Nancy Naive Avatar
      Nancy Naive

      So, you’re for reparations then? What is the value of 40 acres and a mule inflated and compounded with interest since 1865?

  5. James McCarthy Avatar
    James McCarthy

    It must be unhealthy to eat bacon, even bits, while mad as hell.

  6. LarrytheG Avatar

    re: ” . “If suddenly his name is not good enough for the University, then isn’t the proper ethical and indeed virtuous action to return the benefactor’s money with interest? At a 6% compounded interest over 132 years, T.C. Williams gift to the law school alone is now valued at over $51 million,”

    Then perhaps the Williams family should return the wealth they earned on the backs of slaves to their descendants?

    1. walter smith Avatar
      walter smith

      You were there, huh, Larry?
      How do you know the family earned its money on the backs of slaves?
      What if slaveholding appears not to be involved in the accumulation of wealth? As usual, you are ignorant of the facts, but can always be counted on to make the Dem-approved party line narrative du jour response.
      What if all the money was given post-Civil War?
      What if, post-Civil War, the company employed thousands, blacks and women? Was that earned on the “backs of slaves?”

      1. LarrytheG Avatar

        What if it were “dirty money” ?

      2. James McCarthy Avatar
        James McCarthy

        What if the company money was the result of its minimum wage policy and 40 hour work week before the Civil War? And after? Larry won’t answer that question.

  7. Eric the half a troll Avatar
    Eric the half a troll

    LaRock is behind yet another Conservative effort to vilify the transsexual community… promoted here on BR. No surprises there…

  8. Eric the half a troll Avatar
    Eric the half a troll

    So, JAB, do you also agree with LaRock when he tries to exclude anti-trans parents from child abuse laws:

    “…in no event shall referring to and raising the child in a manner consistent with the child’s biological sex, including related mental health or medical decisions, be considered abuse or neglect.”

    You really can’t conceive how such a law might be abused…?

    1. LarrytheG Avatar

      this is pretty much how Conservatives “roll” on these issues and not that different than how they dealt with homosexuality some years back.

      1. I “roll” will the research.

        Without artificially induced hormone treatment, upwards of 80 percent of gender dysphoric children embrace their biological sex as they emerge from puberty.

        “Of the 139 participants, 17 (12%) were classified as persisters and the remaining 122 (88%) were classified as desisters.”

        1. LarrytheG Avatar

          There’s some question of objectivity with this group:

          Is this study peer-reviewed?

          “Data Availability Statement
          The raw data supporting the conclusions of this article will be made available by the authors, without undue reservation.”

        2. It would be very very flawed thinking to take this study as anything absolute.

          For starters, the study admits that it started in the 80s, where treatment was markedly different. Not to mention attitudes regarding transgender people in the 80s, 90s and 00s. It’s easy to argue that the desisters were conditioned to accept a false narrative about themselves, and society’s hostility towards trans people at the time would further deter any persistence .

          The 89% persistence rate of those allowed to transition can help attest to that. And I think social conservatives know this and that’s why they want to nip in the bud early.

          Again, given the time and sample size, it’d still be wrong to take too much from it.

          1. LarrytheG Avatar

            I’d not rely just on this one study if I was truly interested in “research” especially given it’s admitted flaws and what appears to be a lack of peer review.

          2. walter smith Avatar
            walter smith

            And I wouldn’t rely on Wikipedia, either. We have been over this before Larry.
            Wikipedia, like pretty much all of SCIENCE!, has been corrupted from its original idealist goals.
            Sort of like that company that said something like don’t be evil and is still censoring, even as the Twitter Files are exposing what has happened…

          3. LarrytheG Avatar

            It’s not Wikipedia – it’s the references it points to.

            Bottom Line: – don’t rely on one source for controversial issues!

            And if a source has generated controversy or acted in ways that should be taken into account on their credibility, it should also be taken into account.

            The transgender thing has evolved substantially from 1986. Back then it was treated similarly to homosexuality (which I believe some conservatives still equate the two and think both are perversions and not legitimate conditions).

          4. walter smith Avatar
            walter smith

            Both are behaviors that should be discouraged. Not social “goods.”
            Sorry if stating the truth hurts. It is still true.
            Meanwhile, Wikipedia only makes credibility slurs against opinions and people it doesn’T like.

          5. LarrytheG Avatar

            Wiki supplies the references of the credibility claims.

            They don’t make them.

            re: “behaviors”.

            need to recognize opinion verses “science”

            Real science lays out the study, provides the conclusion and the data so it can be peer-review and replicated.

            Especially important for older, smaller studies when there is more recent data.

            That “study” needs others to go with it IMO. I would not rely on it alone.

          6. Virginia Gentleman Avatar
            Virginia Gentleman

            “Both are behaviors that should be discouraged”. Why? Please elaborate.

          7. LarrytheG Avatar


          8. walter smith Avatar
            walter smith

            Why don’t you first say why they are social goods?

          9. LarrytheG Avatar

            any more or less than any others?

          10. Virginia Gentleman Avatar
            Virginia Gentleman

            So you make a statement that a behavior should be discouraged and when asked why you want someone to argue the opposite? Why do you feel that the behavior should be discouraged?

          11. walter smith Avatar
            walter smith

            I stated my opinion. You state yours. Why would those behaviors be a social good?

          12. Virginia Gentleman Avatar
            Virginia Gentleman

            I never stated an opinion. I am trying to learn. Educate me.

          13. walter smith Avatar
            walter smith

            I said the behaviors were not a social good. If you disagree, say why.
            Not going to play your stupid game.

          14. Virginia Gentleman Avatar
            Virginia Gentleman

            So I can only assume that you can’t support your statement. That is fine. Enjoy your evening.

          15. walter smith Avatar
            walter smith

            And I am too smart to write all the reasons that are known for you to quote everything out of context. You go first. Tell us why as a society we should want more homosexuality and transgenderism. It will be a short list, devoid of fact, and filled with invective.

          16. Virginia Gentleman Avatar
            Virginia Gentleman

            You had me at “And I am too smart”. You may enjoy a favorite quote of mine:

            “It does take great maturity to understand that the opinion we are arguing for is merely the hypothesis we favor, necessarily imperfect, probably transitory, which only very limited minds can declare to be a certainty or a truth.”

          17. walter smith Avatar
            walter smith

            Yes, and to be in the presence of true greatness, many men find it necessary to be alone, or gentility is the vaseline of social intercourse. Now you explain why those behaviors should be encouraged as social goods. You won’t because you can’t. But you and others wish to pretend to be virtuous. Sort of like the refusal to acknowledge that illegitimacy (by that I mean growing up without a father present) is the major social problem we have. Much of the school disfunction written about here resides there.

          18. Virginia Gentleman Avatar
            Virginia Gentleman

            Now I am starting to feel like I need to shower when you start talking about vaseline and intercourse. Please know that I still haven’t stated an opinion on this – you did – and you refuse to offer any support or reasoning for that opinion. I can only assume that you can’t support it – which I can figured all along.

          19. walter smith Avatar
            walter smith

            Let’s try again. I say the behaviors are not social goods, and should be discouraged. Judicial notice of what was accepted wisdom. Since you and all other Lefties are so dang smart, tell me why I am wrong. You won’t and can’t, but want to stay in your virtue signal camp of goodthink.

          20. LarrytheG Avatar

            need to define “social good” , no?

          21. walter smith Avatar
            walter smith

            Do your own homework Larry.
            Your favorite, Wikipedia has an extensive discourse…
            Common good

            View history
            From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
            (Redirected from Social good)

          22. Very hard to detransition from surgical alteration.

    2. Nancy Naive Avatar
      Nancy Naive

      The rainbow is black and white… uh, black or white.

    3. Seems you really can’t appreciate what happened to Sage, or how the existing system HAS led to abuse. You should read her entire story before making judgement.

      In all but the most extreme cases, parents know and love their children more than anyone else. They should not be excluded, nor charged with abuse solely because they have a difference of opinion about how best to care for their child.

      “Sage was failed by adults who thought they were helping but were blinded to their own cruelty by their ideology. Michele tells of countless parents who have reached out to her with their own stories of families and bodies destroyed by school counselors, courts, and doctors who may spend minutes with a child, but assert they have the expertise and authority to usurp decisions from parents who have poured a lifetime into their care.”

      “Sage has shown great courage in sharing her story, and it is time for lawmakers to take a stand for her and many other children by passing Sage’s Law. There is only one acceptable response to her story: never again.”

  9. Teddy007 Avatar

    One might want to look up how many families deals with a children to claims to be trans. Many of them end up being trafficked because their parents have thrown them out of the house.

    1. But if the school forcibly outed them, then the whole process would have gone faster!

      Bacon just wants some efficiency, for god’s sake.

      1. LarrytheG Avatar

        Oh. THAT’s what you call it!

  10. Nancy Naive Avatar
    Nancy Naive

    Makes perfect sense. Give back the money with interest, and then take all that money and the rest of the original estate and divide the entire lot per stirpes among the descendants of the slaves that the old duck owned. Then move to the next plantation owner and slave monger until the debt is paid.

    It actually wouldn’t be that hard. When it came to money, there are excellent records.

    Oooh wait. Records. Laws. Tax laws. If it was a gift, well, that freely given. But if the heirs would not call it a gift, well then it becomes something else, doesn’t it? A tax dodge? This could get dicey. Generational Skipping Tax Nonexempt — best to get a really good tax lawyer.

    “If 10% appears to small…”

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