WTJU Podcast on State’s Economy

By Peter Galuszka

This may be familiar turf for some readers, but here is a podcast I worked on with WTJU, the radio station of the University of Virginia. It gives a larger overview of the changes that data centers are making in the state’s economy and what that might mean in the future.

This elaborates on a Style Weekly story I posted here a few weeks ago.

Early this year, WTJU started preparing a series of podcasts under the “Bold Dominion” banner that explores how politics, economics and culture are changing in the Old Dominion. I think they have had 25 episodes up until now and I have participated in some of them. I also do a weekly Q&A on state politics.

Here’s the most recent podcast:


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6 responses to “WTJU Podcast on State’s Economy

  1. Man this don’t sound NOTHING like what DJ has been saving about Virginia’s economy!


  2. I would be interested to read Don the Ripper’s response. Haner will say it’s all being done on the backs if ratepayers and nothing is changing.

  3. Would these be the data centers that employ perhaps 1-2 people per 10,000 square feet of floor area?

  4. Maybe. I haven’t done the math.

  5. Since the defense bill passed Virginia rolls on.
    Bpol and talk of unions not withstanding.

  6. Without the data centers, there would be a lot fewer businesses being able to use online-based services or to offer them to their customers directly.

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