The Strange Case of the Pandemic Patriots

by Peter Galuszka

In rural Southwest Virginia, the coronavirus pandemic has gotten so bad that Ballad Health, a major health care provider there, is suspending elective surgery for a month.

System-wide, Ballad, which also operates in adjacent states, had 45 available beds as of Wednesday, only 13 or 14 of them ICU beds, according to the Virginia Mercury.

In Southwest Virginia, the number of beds occupied by COVID-19 patients has soared from an average of 76 a day in late April to 361 as of Wednesday, the Mercury reports.

Meanwhile, in other rural parts of the state, such as Campbell County and Appomattox County, public officials are protesting the “tyranny” of Gov. Ralph Northam’s COVID 19 restrictions, such as closing bars at 10 p.m. and not allowing people to congregate in groups larger than 25.

“Free people have a duty to push back against these restrictions,” said County Supervisor Charlie A. Watts II, according to The Washington Post.

Is this the same state? How strange since the pandemic is pushing to new heights as more people contract the disease and die. Public Enemy No. 1 is, of course, Northam, a Democrat that conservatives like to pummel. Ironically, compared to other governors, Northam has actually been fairly moderate. This week he announced he is not ordering more restrictions although he urges caution.

Perhaps the nay-saying supervisors in Central Virginia should visit northeastern Tennessee bordering Virginia where refrigerated morgue trucks are being driven in because local funeral homes can’t handle the load of freshly dead bodies.

Yet some counties are even considering penalties for public officials who enforce rules set by the State Department of Health.

This modus operandi is familiar. About a year ago, some rural counties actually considered expanding militias under the watch of local sheriffs. Was there a crime wave? A protest? No. Nada.

Not to conflate issues but self-styled militiamen are now showing up at county board meetings considering countermoves to Northam’s restrictions, saying they are un-Constitutional.

In Campbell County, Daniel Abbott, an officer of the self-described  Campbell County Militia, practically started to cry as he spoke, The Post reported. “I look at what has taken place over the last couple of months in America and I have been ashamed. We thank you for standing up for a protecting the people you represent.”

What is hard to understand is the logic here. Let’s say a local chemical plant has an explosion and toxic gases are spewing out from it. Wouldn’t it be the right thing to do to evacuate nearby residents? If that is done, should anyone listen to complaints that their Constitutional rights are being violated?

Here at Bacon’s Rebellion, there is a constant effort to diminish the pandemic and attack Northam. There has been any number of truly boring stories chewing over endless health department data to make it look like the effort to control COVID 19 is some kind of socialist plot.

Of course, the same writers don’t believe in climate change and try to diminish efforts to control carbon pollution.

As for Northam, the motives are obvious. He’s a Democrat and there’s a race to replace him next year.

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17 responses to “The Strange Case of the Pandemic Patriots

  1. The difference with Soros- or Bloomberg-funded liberal local prosecutors exercising their discretion to selectively ignore the law would be..??…sorry, looks the same to me. Consent of the governed is the key concept. When the level of trust gets as bad as it is now, we’re in a dangerous place. The center is no longer holding.

  2. COVID-19 is a real danger and cause for concern. So is government overreach.

    Masks and social distancing have only a minimal impact. The solution will be the vaccine which has been developed in record time thanks to Operation Warp Speed and is being prepositioned as we speak. Democrats could never have done this and have only been hindering it from the start.

    • How have Democrats been hindering the development of vaccines?

      • The vaccine is only helpful if people get it. The deployment is an essential part of Operation Warp Speed.

        Democrats and the news media have fueled irrational and partisan distrust for no other reason than it happened under the Trump administration. This will be an obstacle to getting public acceptance and voluntary compliance.

        “Frankly, I’m not going to trust the federal government’s opinion and I wouldn’t recommend to New Yorkers based on the federal government’s opinion,”
        – Andrew Cuomo

        “I trust vaccines, I trust scientists, but I don’t trust Donald Trump.”
        Joe Biden

        Rev. Al Sharpton was the most irresponsible. He seems to want it both ways, and whatever is done will be evidence of racism. On the one hand he hints that African Americans should get it first due to greater death rates, but he also brought up Tuskegee.

        “Many in the African American community, we don’t trust vaccines because of past history like the Tuskegee experiment. He needs to deal with that health disparity, particularly in light of COVID-19.”
        – Rev. Al Sharpton

        So here’s the bottom line. If African Americans don’t get the vaccine in large numbers early on, America is racist. If African Americans are encouraged to get it first and someone gets ill from it, it’s another Tuskegee. A no win situation and lots of distrust based on no evidence whatsoever.

  3. Steve, Since when am a I a shill for Soros or Bloomberg? Please note this article in Breitbart — my first and likely the last:

  4. When it comes to pandemic information, I find more soundbites being regurgitated than true science. People and groups are free to urge whatever position they want on the govt. Different folks see the COVID situation in different ways. They’re acting on that belief. Their right under the law.

  5. Duty to fight oppression!

    Historical precedent, Peterburg in mother Russia, WWII. Every 4th soldier waited for one of the other 3 to get shot so he could pick up a gun. Or so the legend goes.

    Of course, with Covid, there are currently no guns.

  6. I’ve always thought Charlie Watts was underrated as a drummer…

  7. Wayne. I think it was Stalingrad. The Germans never got into Leningrad if I recall. Steve. My bad. Sorry

  8. Is some instances the ” self-styled militiamen” are members of the local governing body. ( not talking about either county in the article) Board of Supervisors in rural areas often consist of county employees, spouses of county employees, school division employees and spouses and sheriffs dept employees and spouses. Local government is full of questions regarding conflict of interest.

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