James A. Bacon

After a 25-year career in Virginia journalism, James A. Bacon founded Bacon’s Rebellion in 2002 as a website and electronic newsletter. He added the blog as a companion piece in 2005. Eventually he dropped the newsletter and kept the blog format. Except for a brief hiatus in 2009-2010, Bacon has published the blog continuously ever since.

The publication’s editorial mission is described by its tagline, “Reinventing Virginia for the 21st Century.” Its focus is on building more prosperous, livable and sustainable communities. In recent years he has concentrated more on the spread of “woke” ideology in K-12 schools, the criminal justice system, higher education, and medicine.

In 2021 he co0founded the Jefferson Council in 2020 to preserve free speech, intellectual diversity, and the Jeffersonian legacy at his alma mater the University of Virginia. After serving as executive director for a year and a half, he stepped down to focus again on Bacon’s Rebellion. He maintains ties with the Council as contributing editor.

Aside from blogging, Bacon writes books. His first was “Boomergeddon: How Runaway Deficits Will Bankrupt the Country and Ruin Retirement for Aging Baby Boomers — And What You Can Do About It.” His second was “Maverick Miner: How E. Morgan Massey Became a Coal Industry Legend.” His third was a work of science fiction, “Dust Mites: the Siege of Airlock Three.”

Bacon is a Virginian through-and-through. He lives in Richmond with his wife Laura. He feels blessed that his three children and four grandchildren all live nearby.