Hold On… Marijuana Arrests Going Up?

Map credit: The Virginia Mercury

There is more and more talk in Virginia about decriminalizing marijuana, yet marijuana arrests have increased in the past year, notes the Virginia Mercury.  What’s going on?

The Mercury quotes Dave Albo, a former state delegate and Northern Virginia lawyer Virginia who frequently represents clients on marijuana-possession charges: “My unscientific explanation for this dramatic increase is people are just brazen about it now. They just don’t think of it as illegal, so they’re more apt to carry it around in their pocket, more apt to have it in their car and more apt to sit and smoke it with their friends.”

Sounds plausible to me.

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3 responses to “Hold On… Marijuana Arrests Going Up?”

  1. LarrytheG Avatar

    well .. here’s something pretty interesting:

    ” Opioid Use Lower In States That Eased Marijuana Laws”

    Now a police person can’t be influenced by this – he/she has to do their duty and besides a marijuana bust is as easy as a traffic stop!!!

    but that headline has some interesting implications… for fines, prisons and economic costs for health care.

    Will we continue to suffer because of the old-school attitudes of geezer guys in the GA?

  2. John Harvie Avatar
    John Harvie

    I hope so, Larry because I don’t want to be on the freeway with them.

  3. […] 10,000 Virginians are convicted of a first time marijuana possession offense every year. In fact, marijuana arrests in Virginia increased over the past year.  Worse yet, the arrests are heavily weighted against African-Americans.  VCU studied the data in […]

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