Bad News for Governor Youngkin

Glenn Youngkin addressing the Nebraska Republican Party convention. Photo credit: Nebraska Republican Party by way of the Nebraska Examiner.

by James C. Sherlock

The New York Post has a story by Dana Kennedy that has put Governor Youngkin in a tough spot.

It recounts nasty business transactions by Carlyle Group Co-Founder and Co-Executive Chairman David Rubenstein.

The story links Mr. Rubenstein to the trashing of two founding fathers by tour guides at Monticello and Montpelier, the Virginia homes of presidents Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.

The Governor’s service at Carlyle was not mentioned in the article, but that won’t help.

It is a story linked to Virginia monuments that will need to be dealt with.

The Carlyle Group news release on Gov. Youngkin’s retirement:

Carlyle Co-Founder and Co-Executive Chairman David Rubenstein said, “I recruited Glenn to Carlyle a quarter century ago, and have been pleased to see him grow into an exceptional private equity professional. He did an outstanding job as co-CEO, but I certainly understand the pull of the kind of public service activities to which Glenn is committed.

As for Mr. Rubenstein, the David M Rubenstein Visitor Center at Monticello. proudly produces “dynamic content presenting fresh perspectives on Monticello and the enduring significance of Jefferson’s life and ideas”.

Mr. Rubenstein, by reputation, is unlikely to have his name on very controversial “fresh perspectives” of which he does not approve.

I met Gov. Youngkin when he was a kid. I have never known anyone who knows him well to speak badly of him. He quit a multi-million-dollar-a-year job to spend his time and fortune in public service.

But Democrats will pile on. So would Republicans if the Governor had a (D) after his name. Opposition research is published as news pretty much every day.

All of us have worked with people with whom we did not agree.

I expect the Governor is no exception.

Updated July 30 at 5:54 PM.