You may have seen some garbage posts on the blog and, if you are a subscriber, in your in-boxes. My apologies. I’ve been experimenting with ways to apply Artificial Intelligence to summarize the content of Virginia news and opinion on blogs and websites free from paywalls. Let’s just say that I could use some AI to help me implement the AI. It was a mess. I did not realize that my experiments were being published. Hopefully, I’ve cleared all the junk off the blog, but the possibility of more mis-steps cannot be discounted. Please bear with me. — JAB

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(comments below)


9 responses to “Apologies (Once Again)”

  1. William O'Keefe Avatar
    William O’Keefe

    There is nothing wrong with learning by doing or making mistakes.

  2. William O'Keefe Avatar
    William O’Keefe

    There is nothing wrong with learning by doing or making mistakes.

  3. oldstonewall Avatar

    I think you need to stick with ordinary intelligence. What I read sounded like a UVA professor.

  4. Troublemaker Avatar

    Yeah, yeah. Blame the computer 😂

  5. LarrytheG Avatar

    … using AI to boost the culture war ? ick

  6. walter smith Avatar
    walter smith

    It is baked into the algorithm.
    Part of an evil plot to end all voices not mindlessly reciting “the Narrative,” like…well…you know their names
    Anyway, the goal is to get rid of Bacon and Haner and even DHS for not being woke enough until those mindless Narrative repeaters are in charge and all you need is the Fakebook Newsfeed…

    Here – trust our new Tech overlords!
    how many sexes are there
    The concept of “sex” typically refers to biological differences in reproductive anatomy and function. Traditionally, organisms are classified into two sexes: male and female. However, it’s important to note that in many species, including humans, sex isn’t always strictly binary. There are intersex variations where individuals may have characteristics of both sexes or don’t fit typical definitions of male or female. Additionally, some cultures recognize non-binary or third genders outside of the male/female binary. So, while the traditional answer is two sexes, the reality is more complex and nuanced.

  7. Paul Sweet Avatar
    Paul Sweet

    Sometimes I wonder whether AI stands for Artificial Intelligence or Artificial Idiocy.

  8. Acbar Avatar

    I’m with Bill O’Keefe – prioritize curiosity and experimentation even at the risk of an embarrassing misstep. I have peers who become paralyzed by fear of making a mistake using a laptop or smart-phone. Where did they lose that sense of wonder and pleasure at the opportunities these tools offer? AI is a tool also, with great potential and substantial risk of abuse – but it can’t be ignored.

  9. Jim,
    sometimes it’s just a matter of rephrasing the request. John Doppler shared this: “Aww, ChatGPT is looking out for our well-being!”

    “Summoning demons or engaging in any activities related to the occult can be
    dangerous and is generally discouraged for ethical,safety, and psychological reasons…” “Wow, it was *much* more cooperative when Iasked how I could summon the ghost of Ronald Reagan:”

    Choose a quiet, dimly lit room where you won’t be disturbed.

    Arrange the jelly beans in a circle on a table or the floor.

    Place the symbolic”blood of the middle class” in the center of the circle.
    Light candles around the circle to create a atmosphere of mystery and focus.
    Sit quietly and clearyour mind, focusing on Ronald Reagan and his legacy.
    Chant an invocation, calling upon the spirit of Ronald Reagan. This could be something like:

    Great spirit of Ronald Reagan
    Leader of a nation,
    we call upon your legacy
    to join our congregation.
    With jelly beans, your favored treat,
    and symbol of the middle class,

    we summon you to this place,
    to bridge the present and the past.

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